Monday, November 24, 2014


It is hard to believe it is Monday or that it is November 24 and that it is 2014!  I try to grasp each moment but sometimes it is moving faster than the speed of light!!  Having snow on the ground automatically makes you slow down and if you don't...well, this weekend I saw several cars off the road.  Ya gotta slow down, moron!!!

The herd has really hunkered down in town.  Did I tell you about the herd in the carport?  Yeah, a family of 8 huddled in a opened garage, lol.  They are fearless!

"What are you looking at???"


We headed to Bend for a birthday celebration and Enzo was excited to be hanging with his bud.

The birthday boy received a beautiful flannel quilt

I on the other hand made the birthday boy a Mug Rug!

...and I chose the perfect mug for a fisherman :)

I have been compulsively making Mug Rugs for Christmas.  They are so much fun and useful.  Picking the fabric out to complement the mug has been really fun...and, I love making Christmas presents. The weekend was definitely productive...lets see how Thanksgiving Week turns out!  If you are not hanging with the Woolie this week I want to wish a wonderful holiday!  I'll be here :)


  1. The deer are SO beautiful! Too bad they have required me to have a large, strong fence built around my country garden. I do enjoy watching them munch along, usually at dusk. Mug rugs ARE fun to make and I am going to whip out a few for presents as well. Take care walking around in the snow and slippery pathways...

  2. Great photos of the deer, love the shot of the one sticking its tongue out..

    Beautiful job on your mug rugs.

  3. That mug rug is so very cute!! Did you make them up or is there a pattern??

  4. Those are great close ups, funny too. Love the pict of the pups, that is so cute how they are sitting the same way.


  5. Love your mug and rug combo - well done!! I bought some mugs in that liquor/gift store down the block from Stitchin Post to make rugs for. Glad you reminded me!

  6. I have relatives in Bend, and Grand Ronde. Sue is a quilter, as well. I'm outside of Philly

  7. Love your captions with the deer photos! Gave me a chuckle.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. You are just tooo funny Anna! ;) Thanks for the laughs! I will have to email your turkey photo to a few people. I was laughing my a** off. Too bad that isn't really a possibility. Perhaps you should go into business captioning deer photos?
    It never occurred to me to match up mug rugs to a special mug - it looks great the way you did it!