Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Monday...How Sweet It Is!

This statement was posted on Facebook this weekend and it really resonated with me and so I thought I would share it with you...are you there?...or do you have a challenge saying NO...or, need to be liked?  Life is short...make the most of it and use your time well.

Our weekend was a filled with snow!  It was beautiful! The neighborhood dug ourselves out.  We had too...since several neighbors were invited to a Harvest Gathering Potluck and we had to be able to walk since the roads weren't wide enough for car parking and it was only 4 houses away :)

Enzo was enjoying himself and I got to dust off my snow shoes.  The temperature dropped to -5 and yesterday afternoon we hit a high of 25 degrees...practically balmy, lol.  I saw a small herd of deer huddled inside a car port in town...yep, even they thought it was a little too cold!

I did some baking this weekend, and this is where Enzo hangs out when I am in the kitchen.  He is such a chicken!

With the weather so chilly I spent the entire weekend in my sewing room...well, I did come down for meals and I didn't sleep in there.  I dove into a new project and love how it turned out,  I have the wool all prepped for stitching.  This is a Primitive Gathering pattern.  I decided to add the year on the basket, kinda like when the year is added to a stitched sampler.  If I were to do this again I probably would just piece the area where the wool pieces are attached.  It is going to be cumbersome to stitch those wool pieces while manipulating the enter piece.  I started to worry about stretching and fraying of all those half square triangles while stitching the I covered the entire back with Pellon SF 101 and my problem was solved :)

My brain has been going 100 miles an hour thinking about Christmas, about organization...finishing projects, making gifts....I think I am making myself a little did know that there is only...37 days till panic needed company.


  1. Love love love the quilt! And Enzo looks very handsome in his green collar.
    As for Meryl Streep, SPOT ON! Love your blog :)

  2. Enzo is so cute Anna and i LOVE your quilt!

  3. Do SO like and respect Meryl Streep! In discussing your adding of the wool to the cotton/pieced background, well, I think we learn just a little bit with each project we take on. We are all students of life no matter what our age!!! ;0)

  4. You really got a lot of snow and I really love your snowman quilt, that is a beautiful quilt.


  5. Love how the snow inspired your progress for your quilt. I sometimes run a line of machine basting around the edge of my borders when I have more work to do with applique.

    Looking good!

  6. Meryl Streep is my hero! Thanks for sharing this...
    Love the snowman quilt too!

  7. I'm with Meryl!! And I love your snowman quilt! You've inspired me.....I have the pattern in the small and large size. Which one did you make? I just put it on my must do list!! Thanks Anna!

  8. Meryle Streep Just put into words the way I feel!! Thanks for posting and you can keep that snow up there we don't need it down here in the Umpqua Valley!!

  9. I find it very unfortunate that a person will not smile at someone unless they are smiled at. What about the minimum wage clerk who has a sick child at home - a smile and kind word may make all the difference to her. While there are a few things I agree with what I read in this is a very bitter, unhappy person.

    Meryl Streep did not actually write this - if you will take the time to look at this you can find out where it came from.

  10. Love, love, love Meryl and her statement! I refuse to panic over Christmas. I refuse to panic over Christmas. I refuse.... :) blessings, marlene