Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jour de Joie

It means...Joyful Day!  And why was it joyful?  I spent the day with a friend who was just starting to get a taste for wool.  I know, I is kinda like being a drug pusher but instead I am a WOOL PUSHER, lol.  I just so love wool because of its texture, forgiveness and my hands look at least 5 years younger than my face!

My friend had taken a wool class but wasn't quite satisfied with the results...and so, I showed her some tricks of the trade and brought her to the dark side...I mean, the wool side :)  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the "AH HA" moment when a student sees it...and she should know she taught Operating Room Classes for my former employer and I was one of her former students :).  And so it was a Jour de Joie....Joyful Day!

I finished stitching my Buttermilk Basin winter mat which I am making into a pillow for my church pew.  I really love how it turned out...and being the button freak I am I added a little star button on the scarf.

This mess was created to make this....


Can you guess what I am making????  I can't wait to hear what you think it will be, hehehe....

Have a great Wednesday...I am off to spend the afternoon with the Juniperberries and get some more stitching done!!!
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