Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Big Day

Today is a big day...hope you voted!  

Robin came by to bring Ralph home.  Ralph is my goldfish and he went to her house when we left on our trip to Idaho and Utah.  But due to our many scheduling conflicts it has taken us all this time to get together and bring Ralph home.  The dogs were beside themselves...well, actually Brim was aloof and only wanted snacks but Enzo was like a jumping bean with excitement!  Ralph is an interesting fish and I'll share more about him in another blog.  Robin brought over her latest prepped project for stitching...isn't it adorable!

She helped me load my first real quilt on the Handi Quilter.  It was the Log Jammin' Quilt from last summers Quilters Affair class with Jackie.  What I know from experience is that it will take me a week or more to decide what to do...a fast quilter I am not.  I struggle with choice, lol.  But, at least it is loaded!

After my "Out of Body" quilt melt down I put together this cute table runner that was in a project bag...for 4??? years!   It is layered and ready for quilting on my sewing machine.

I really need to get out in the yard and do the fall clean up...get the last of the bulbs planted before the ground freezes...but, I just want to stay in my sewing room and sew.  I think it is genetic in our DNA to want to hunker down and quilt when the temperature drops below 50!

Have a great Tuesday and get that ballot in if you haven't! nag, nag, nag!


  1. Quilting is perfect when it is cold, keeps us warm;)
    Look forward to seeing how your quilting looks.


  2. Ewww...can't wait to see what you quilt!! LOVE the runner! Very sweet!

  3. I have been verg good for the last two weeks and when the temps get to sixty, I go out and work my 15-20 shifts, sit, work 15, sit, etc. And have done more out there than the last three years.... still way more to do but I am trying. Today is rain, real rain, so I have a sewing by.

  4. OMG Anna...I've got projects in bags for at least 4 years too. I love the Christmas runner. You will love your Handi Quilter. It took me about 3 years...yes 3 years finish my first quilt. I was afraid of it and didn't know much about it. I bought it second hand and now I love it. Some day I will get the courage to move beyond using a pantograph!! I really should take a few classes and I will have more confidence to try border work and free hand quilting. Happy stitching!!

  5. Oh how exciting!!! Did you just get your long arm machine?! VERY NICE!!