Tuesday, November 18, 2014

36 Days Till Christmas!!!

I know I am sharing my own anxiety....but, it seems to have snuck up on me.  I am not sure if it is because we had an early snow storm and we are covered in snow, which always makes me feel in the holiday mood. Or, maybe there is a conspiracy to replace the Gregorian Calendar with a shorter more abbreviated calendar by big corporation so we will panic shop!!!

Whatever the cause I am in major Christmas mode.  I swear every year that I am NOT going to think about it till after Thanksgiving...but, this year I can't!!!  I am already Christmas shopping and spending lots of time in my sewing room stitching.  Last week my friend Ruth came over for a "Woolie" wool class and brought a project she was going to make by Plays With Wool.  I thought it was so cute I borrowed the pattern and created my own candle mat.  Simple, yet adorable!  I now have my first Christmas decoration done :).

What about you...are you one of those organized individuals who has all their shopping  and stitching done...or, did you break out in a sweat when you saw the title of this post???


  1. AND it's dang cute too!! Yes, the realization that Christmas is nearing hit me last week too! And in less than a month we pull out for this year's Snowbirding adventure! I should put that Elf on my screen saver...haha

  2. I'm sweating....smiling at your post...but sweating in spite of temps......it's 24* here! I could use a few Elves. : )

  3. Have most of my shopping done most presents wrapped and ready to go. Love your mat.

  4. I am always in a race to the end, lol. I am working on finishing my pieces, so might have most things done, but not the big things, so will see.


  5. Here I am finishing the edge of my Christmas tablemat that I started 2 months ago and you see something you like, get the pattern and make it over a few days...SPEEDY! The candle that matches is perfect! I am searching the stores for just the right compliment for mine. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  6. Broke out in a sweat!!! YIKES~it's coming too fast!!
    LOVE your new mat ~ how cute!

    Stay warm ~ it turned really cold here in Ky. yesterday ~ 18* was our high! It was 70* one day last wk! LOL


  7. I actually am prepared this year and have most of my Christmas shopping done and packages wrapped as I go . It feels SO good ;-D Now I will have time to sew !