Friday, October 3, 2014

The Scoop + American Quilting

I have received emails asking about the hidden kits...and although I did find them after a frantic hunt I didn't share them here on the blog.  So, for those of you that may have missed the dear friend Cakers dropped a bombshell during a sew day at the Quiet River Retreat!  She had hidden in my sewing room 2 kits that she had in her sewing room since 1997!  She didn't like them anymore and decided my sewing room was as good a place as any to unload them!  Now granted I don't think these photos do them justice...they are full applique kits for one big block.  Included is a full page template, backing, batting  and fabrics.  They are so old that the plastic bags they were packaged in feels funny and I don't think they are BPA free, lol.  Original price was $18 a kit...All I can say is Fabric very afraid!!!

Although I usually do a book or movie review on Friday...I have been a slacker and have not finished one  book this week...nor watched a movie...wonder why???  Well it is because of Mother Naure, God, Alah, Creator, Jehovah, Yaweh or Dhamma...whoever you believe created this world we live in...well, she/he is the ultimate quilter and I have been distracted by the beauty of it all.

I was amazed by the local pictographs...I see a quilt in this, lol

I had no idea when I ventured into this shop in Orem, Utah that it would all be home to one of my favorite pattern lines, Under The Garden Moon!

Amereican Quilting is a shop that everyone would enjoy.  There is a little something for each of you.  Google Maps lead us there as it is tucked into a strip mall in a very busy area.  

Full disclosure...I couldn't pass up a seasonal set...(I am so over the monthly quilts)  These are an Under the Garden Moon pattern set.  A piece of off white wool and a litte thread I have been looking for to match the angel wings I am stitching.

Enjoy the slide show!  And if you find something you have to have...check out their website or give them a call at American Quilting!
See ya back on Monday and have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. You are close to Springville, Utah and the quilt shop called Corn Wagon. Neat, neat shop. Google for directions - worth the drive

  2. Well, I like that quilt too! But it's not familiar to me...Whatsit called?

  3. Fun to find hidden treasures and fun buys from the store and gorgeous photos of your trip.


  4. How fun to put a hidden treasure in your sewing room - I think I'll do that to one of my friends next month when we gather at her house. :) blessings, marlene