Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Gathering Place Rupert, Idaho

The Gathering Place is one of those mirages in the middle of a desert...between Provo Utah and Twin Falls Idaho is sits waiting for quilters to pull off Interstate 84 in the town of Rupert.  Located in the town square in the largest city in Minidoka County with a population of around 6,000.  It is part of the Snake River Plain known as the Magic Valley...what a perfect place for a quilt store!  It was about a 40 min. drive from Twin Falls...I know, I made it twice, lol.  This shop has the most completed quilt samples hanging that I had seen thus far!  A stunning amount of fabric in every genre you could want!  They also had a stitchery section...and want kits...there was a whole wall!!

The big disappointment was that I had an opportunity to sign up for a wool class with Kim Diehl...there was an opening but I didn't have any supplies with sewing machine, rotary cutter, cutting time I go camping I am packing for a quilt emergency. The next day,  I was offered the use of everything through the kindness of quilters but by then I had already made plans down the road to play with Twilene in Meridian.

Anyhoo...I did buy the kit for the class :)  and am going to make it! And I found this awesome magazine.  That is the one thing about shop hopping...there are books, patterns and fabrics I have never seen!

Since arriving home I have been stitching away but today I am taking a break to relive my visit to the Gathering Place.  This is one of those 2-3 cups of coffee slide get started and relax!  If you see anything on the slide show check with 

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  1. WOW!! What a AMAZING quilt shop ! Thank you so much for sharing all of the these pictures. So much fun !

  2. Did you know that quilters from other states charter buses just to visit The Gathering Place? I'm from Idaho so I know what a treasure we have!!

  3. My-oh-my----what a store------I ordered the snowman pattern, they were happy with the slide show. How many hours do you think it is from Sisters? (I'd then have to add 2 1/2 hrs)

  4. I've brrn to The Gathering Place a couple of times travelling to Utah, you forget how big it is and how much they have to tempt you.

    What was the Kim Diehl class project. She has such a lovely design esthetic.

    Thanks for the lovely slideshow.

  5. WOW!! What an incredible shop!!!! The Kit WALL blew me away! And all those wool projects...and the clam shell quilt (did you buy the kit??) and all the stitcheries! Amazing! I think I am going to have to watch it one more time and savour....

  6. It is amazing all the quilts shops that you find along the way, lol. That magazine looks good, haven't been to a store in a while.


  7. I am so glad you do these Smile boxes! I went there last week and didn't see half of what you did! Its absolutely wonderful and I would have stayed all day if I could!! Lucky you, snow.....

  8. Holy cow! Did you spend a week in there? So much great stuff! I would have spent a fortune!

  9. Thanks soo much for posting such a beautiful smilebox on The Gathering Place! Its my most fav shop in Idaho! The girls are so friendly and willing to help.. and they are good at giving advice or input on your projects, always eager to see what were working on! Im glad you got some upclose pics of that wool BOW applique beauty!! The work in that is just unbelievable!! Also, Shelly, the girl you met with the large Santa embroidery, she is "THE Embroidery Queen"!! She can embroider as fast as it takes for most of us to trace the images.. she did most of the Crabapple Hill pieces that you showed in the slideshow.. and she has the most unique style of stitching.. she DOESNT USE A HOOP!! Just holds the fabric loosely in her fingers.. I love to watch her stitch! Anyway, glad you had the time to stop and enjoy it! Next time I want to go with you!! :-)