Friday, October 17, 2014

TGIF & Country Lane Quilts Burns, Oregon

Back to a little bit of rhythm...I have a Friday book and movie review...and, in fact I have seen 2 movies this week!  First I cannot say enough about Big Little is not a deep, tragic, soul changing book but it is engaging, funny, sad and appeals to that little part of us all that wants to know what our neighbors are up too and gossip...oh the gossip.  It is centered around a school community, parents and a murder but you don't know whose murder...but, all the parents are being interviewed by the police.  I did listen to this book and was glad I did because it takes place in a beach community in Australia and the reader has the accent.  I enjoyed the author's writing so much that I am going to put The Husband's Secret on my library list :)

As for movies...well they are entirely different from each other.  Bad Words, more of an indie film...had language that was in the toilet. But, if you could get past that there was a really interesting story...and, I always enjoy Jason Bateman.  Woolie 2.5 stars for language.

Draft Day was a perfect movie for this time of year.  Neither HH or I are big football fans...we know who is doing well and who is hitting the skids...but, we aren't tuned in on Monday Nights and usually pick up football news by our oldest sons elation's or rants on Facebook, LOL.  With that said,  I really didn't have a clue what was going on in this movie and was fascinated by the intensity of the process of draft day.  I did enjoy the movie but I think I would have enjoyed it more had I been a "in the know" football fan.  What can I say...OPB you rock, LOL.  Woolie 2 stars...the rest of the football watching world...5 stars

Well we have reached the final slide show for our camping trip...

It was a pleasure to wrap up our trip with a stop at a shop in Burns, Oregon.  As you travel east of Bend you get a sense of culture change.  Life's dramas are entirely different and you enter the land of people whose day may start at 0300 with farm and ranch chores.  There are no orders of "2 shots, vanilla, latte with foam" please.  People here know who their neighbors are.  And, the local quilt shop is more than a quilt shop.  People stop by just to chat...and the evening before there was a lively game of Bunko.  Country Lane is packed with fabric and serves a wide community.  They have the largest Western and Flannel fabric selection.  I especially loved the new flannels that look like Pendleton Wool blankets!  They offer long arm quilting services and are a Janome dealer.  It is a 2 woman operation and they are busy with this large shop!  If you see anything on the slide show you want...just give them a call and they'll send it to you.  They are opened Monday thru Saturday and would love a visit!

 Enjoy the slide show!  Have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday!

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