Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Chit Chat

A wonderful mentor of mine has left this life and she is going to be dearly missed by many.  She was younger than I...yes, your mentors can be younger than yourself and there are times we need a more youthful voice to keep you out of the doldrums :)  My most precious medal received for "running"...yes, running the entire Portland Marathon was in part because of her support and coaching while running the trails of Central Oregon.  When we spoke last I told her my running days were over but I would walk the Portland Marathon and think of her the entire way...she said she would be with me :)  Keep her family in your thoughts or prayers next time you are out walking or running.

I have been looking through my photos and realized that I had forgotten to share them.  A friend of mine had a birthday this  past week and with my commitment to include handmade gifts I turned to Pinterest.  I found a small antique creamer in Redmond, filled it with little white buttons and glued a wool ball on top for an adorable pincushion!  The orange spool...well, that was in the photo because I emptied another thread spool...and that, well that is a celebration!!!  I made another needle keep and practiced my Sue Spargo and Tamra stitching :)

My birthday isn't until next month but a dear friend gave me an early present of these adorable placemats, a buttermilk basin pattern and my favorite thread.  Something beautiful, something cute and something I will need.

I grew one tomato...well actually I grew several but this is the only one that got ripe before the night freeze got my plants. We took it camping with us and it was delish on a nice salad I made. It is my own fault I planted too late.  Next year I am starting early!  But, I am proud of my of my one tomato!  How did your garden grow this year?

Remember the product Dye Magnet that I talked about a few months ago.  It is a sheet that you throw into the washer with multi colored fabric and it keeps the dye from transfering.  Well, several of you told me that you couldn't find it and it was looking like we were going to have to start separating our colors again.  Then I found this product and it works just as well!!!  I have already used it with success.

HH and I are on the road and I am in stitching heaven...I am so blessed with the ability to stitch and read in the car!  And new quilt stores!!!  We have also hit every Cabela's along the way...alls fair in love and traveling!

Stay tuned I have some slide shows coming up this week for you!
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