Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Wrap-Up

HH and I have a big weekend ahead of us...the Sisters Folk Festival is in full swing.  Here is a secret...although the tickets are all sold out there are many free venues around town.  Besides the ticketed venues are in tents so you can still hear the music :)  The town will be busting at the seams with wonderful food and arts.  So, come on down!

The movie of the week is INCREDIBLE!  In a really low key kind of way.  This is no cookie cutter Hollywood movie!  With that said, I was totally engaged and mesmerized by the shear scope of what this film was able to accomplish.  You MUST see it...if only understand something about living this life we are given.  I wish I could meet with everyone who sees it and find out what they were able to see in the movie :)  Definitely a Woolie 5 Star movie!

The book I finished was a good sewing room book.  I listened to it while I worked on the GS's Halloween quilt.  I am not fond of this authors romance series but the FBI series is entertaining.  Although, I did find myself rolling my eyes every once in a while.  Some twist and turns made this book a Woolie 3 star...middle of the road.

I bought a new book this week...yes, Lori...I know I have the 101 small quilt book but maybe if I have 2 small quilt books I might get a small quilt done, lol.  The quilts are simple and I like the Civil War look to the quilts.

I hope you have a nice weekend planned and that there is at least a little stitching going on...I received my class announcement for the Stitchin' Post so I'll let you know on Monday what I decided to do...


  1. Have you even touched your beautiful Handi Quilter?

  2. The folk festival sounds fun. We have the big one in Newport, but I never go because of the crowds and traffic, getting there.


  3. I haven't seen that movie advertised here but I'll look out for it. As for books - you can never have enough! blessings, marlene