Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BQ2 aka Big A** Quilt

The best thing about hitting the road is seeing places you have never seen before.  I would have never guess after crossing a desolate area from Boise to Provo that Salt Lake City was this big!!  We cruised on by!

We did make a trek to Sundance....what a beautiful area for the Sundance Film Festival and the restaurant was beautifully rustic.

There was a quilt hanging between the resturant and gift shop constructed with cotton, silk and upholstery fabric by Kara DiOrio

Finally, I wanted to show you my latest finish!  It is huge...so huge it wouldn't even fit on my Handi Quilter!  So off to Mike it went.  I visited Mike back in May and posted a blog about the Cascade Quilter (click this link to read about him).  I told him then that I would eventually be bringing him a big one! Finally I got it done...it is a special quilt because I had been collecting indigo/Asian fabric for a long time knowing one day I would find the perfect pattern to display them.  The BQ2 by Maple Island Quilts is the perfect pattern to display fabrics!  

After consulting with Mike I decided on an all over Baptist Fan pattern and it worked out perfectly!

I loved all these prints but I especially like that I put the blue ribbon fabric in the quilt...that one was saved from some curtains I made for HH's office several years ago and when they built a new office and the curtains were not needed I put the fabric back in my stash!! LOL

Hope you are fitting in some stitch time!


  1. Wow this quilt is stunning and those great prints are like framed. You can never be bored looking at it! Wonderful asiatic style!

  2. That is a lovely quilt Anna, your fabric choices worked very well together and the baptist fan is perfect? Maybe you should name it Asian Fans!

    I love this BK blocks and the variations. One day to add to my list to do,

  3. Your quilt is just stunning!!!! I agree it's a perfect pattern for your fabrics and so is the quilting. The whole thing is just timeless and you'll enjoy it forever. Well done.

  4. I really like the quilt and the fans suit is wonderfully!

  5. That is a gorgeous shot, would love to take one with just the buildings against the mountains. Your quilt is beautiful and love the fabrics, someday I will decide what i want to make with mine.