Friday, September 12, 2014

Belly Button Fuzz

Who would have thought that my sewing machine would have so much fuzz in her belly!!!  I have a ritual of cleaning my sweet machine from top to bottom before retreat.  I am always amazed at the fuzz!  I fill several bobbins and change the needle.  Now she is ready for what ever paces I put her through!

Well, I picked my retreat projects...oye vey, was that a painful  process! I have been thinking about it since a month ago...changing my mind every few days...back and forth and up and down and old is this project!!!  Do you have as much trouble as I do with picking out what you want to work on... for an entire weekend!!

oh yeah...this one is definitely coming...the 2012 BJ's is a Fall theme and I have most of the blocks made. But, I know I have at least 24 setting blocks to make and the last 2 months worth of blocks.  I have seen the finished quilt because Fabric Stalker, Lori got hers done!

This is the Primitive Gathering Christmas Gathering Quilt.  I is from 2011...Yikes!  I want to prep all the wool setting blocks because they are small and it will be the perfect projects to take on our camping trip.  There will be significant travel time as we make our way to Bryce Canyon, Zion and Arches National Park.  Of course it will be interesting to see how much I really get done because I know my face will be pressed against the window :)

...I would love to get my Autumn pillow done before the first snow flies around here.  And, there is the October Berties... 

And there she blows...a full Fabric Stalker Retreat worth of projects...lets see what it looks like on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend and take "time" to enjoy the changing season.


  1. Ana, I would guess a good deal of you fuzz is from the flannels you sewn for Berties block. I always notice that my fuzz factor increases when I sew flannel.

    Have a lovely time at your retreat.

    I love the Moab are, if you have time go the the four corners and Mesa Verde where the cave dwellers lived. Quite a climb for the vehicle but worth the drive. Enjoy!

  2. LOVE your projects...all on my to do list!!
    The other day I am sewing like crazy and noticed my throat plate was I had SO much fuzz underneath that it was pushing up on the plate!! YIKES!! I need to remember to clean this out more often!! ;o))

  3. Your post title certainly caught my attention...LOL! I'm always amazed at how much accumulates in there. Have fun at your retreat!

  4. What a line-up you have before you...good luck with completing them all! (Or is that really the goal?) It will be a fun girlfriend time and nice weather surrounding you all.

  5. I hate cleaning my machine but with the new ones, you have no choice, lol. I think I ran one for it's life without cleaning it;) Love the new pieces, I really need to get moving but unless I get a maid, seems I have less time lately.


  6. Irony: for months we had been trying to decide what to do with this week I have off in September. We finally decided to go to Utah, Zion, Bryce etc. AT the last minute we decided not to - just do a couple of mini trips. And now you are the 2d people we have heard that are doing the trip we decided not to do! darn it all.....