Monday, September 8, 2014

And Then There Was Monday...

I think Mondays were created because we needed a day to ground us to reality after weekends.  The Sisters Folk Festival was wonderful and is really a one of a kind event.  With different outdoor venues scattered around town so you can stop and listen and if you want stay longer...or move on to hear something different.  It sells out way before the first event starts but there are free venues scattered around town for those that are just passing through or didn't buy their tickets early enough. It was especially wonderful this year because some dear friends stopped by for the weekend and we wandered the streets of Sisters together.  

I can't remember if I showed you my finished September Bertie's...I am so proud of myself for keeping up on this monthly project.  And, being small and easy to transport make this a win/win project!

Well, after much internal debate between the various quilters who live in my brain...I signed up for 2 clubs at the Stitchin' Post.  Are you a "one" personality quilter or do several live in your brain???  The boss of my quilter brain is Primitive...she is old school, likes wool and is a stinker, prefers Kahlua in her coffee.  The sophisticated quilter residing in another lobe likes clean lines, simple modern patterns and only drinks spring water.  The Asian quilters has a whole stash of Asian prints and is zen about her quilting and usually drinks tea, green tea...and then, there is the quilting kid who hoards novelty prints, eats popcorn and drinks sodas while quilting....NO WONDER I have a hard time getting anything done!

The first club I joined is Tuesdays with Tamra where you just show up with your own projects and are assisted with any issues by Tamra.

The second club is the Tula's Club with Jackie...because, I have this book and the fabrics I want to use.  Besides I could use a little more spring water!

I stopped by the Stitchin' Post to check out the knitting classes...none worked for me but I still enjoyed viewing all the class samples.  Enjoy the slide show!
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