Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Trash Talk...I mean....

...Stash Talk!

I know earlier we talked about hording the stash.  You know who you are...and I have to admit to being one of you.  I am coming out of the Stash Closet! When Jennifer came over and asked if I had a piece of fabric with tomatoes for the creation of one of her tablescapes...well, I knew there was a piece somewhere give it up for the cause???  Well she was lucky that I had turned over a new leaf over the weekend.  

After my conversation with Lori last week about actually using the stash...I took a leap of faith...I jumped the canyon of my stash...grabbed a ribbon around a beautiful pile of wool and...untied it!!!  This is huge!!!  Those that know me, understand that I have sweet piles of wool wrapped in ribbon, jelly rolls, 5 inch charm pack, fat quarter packs which I have not used because god forbid I should untie the ribbon!!!  But, no longer am I afflicted with PACS...Prepackaged and Cute Syndrome!!!  Alleluia I have been cured!!! 

Which has resulted in the prepping of several projects!  Including this adorable candle mat.  Totally out of my stash.  I know it is not much but I feel like I have been dunked in the baptismal waters of stash using and been cured!

Which has happened just in nick of time!  Because, today I headed to 

I will be posting photos on Instagram and Facebook but a slideshow is coming your way on Monday.  In the meantime we'll see you back here tomorrow...because I have a Bull of a story for you, lol.

(May you find peace Robin will be missed)


  1. OMG there are more like me out there.. thank goodness. It is a sickness in its own way... you buy, you pet, you look at, you buy more, you pet, you look at. Hard to break the cycle..

  2. That is funny and so true, it is so so hard to unwrap those ribbons but I am slowly doing it, pack by pack, lol.


  3. Like you I have pretty fabric on my shelf with ribbons and it is SO hard to remove that ribbon and cut ;-)

  4. prequel - because of YOU, i made one of those microwave-a-bowl holders ... and almost needed an Intervention - i just could NOT STOP MAKING THEM...

    the story - after the first fifteen, i had run out of immediate family to make them for - it was time to make some for my favorite sister-in-law and my niece ... they both LURVE dolphins ... i started searching for the leftover dolphin fabric from Karen's 60th birthday quilt (which was not easy to cut into, lemmetellya) and couldn't find it anywhere (and then remembered that i pieced all of the leftovers together for the backing) ... i had to cut into my very-most-favorite-of-all-time-dolphins-circling-the-earth-floating-in-space-that-i-won't-find-anywhere-ever-again-and-i-only-have-a-yard-and-a-half to make theirs ... it was actually PHYSICALLY PAINFUL!!!

    so i cut enough to make one for myself, too - and then folded up the remnant and tucked it away ... i don't know if i can ever bring myself to use any of it again...

    i have had to make myself untie the ribbons, too - and it really DOES hurt!

  5. Oh your little pumpkins are so cute!! I untie the jelly rolls right away, then it doesn't bother me as much to cut into them if they are already 'just strips'. ;-)

  6. Been going through some "deep stash" and having many "what was I thinking?" moments as well as some "hello old friend!" ones. Wanted to go to the Portland show--but then I found it's this weekend. Too late to make plans now! Probably just as well, I need to stay here and work on the stash I have!

  7. Enjoy your visit to Portland and the show, I don't think I'm going to make it this year...too much other stuff going on.

    If I do I'll e-mail you and maybe we can meet up.

  8. Too funny!!
    Stash? What's that?......:o{}

  9. LOL...too funny about the little ribbon! What is it about unleashing those precuts and resistance to doing so. I've been going through my stash, but I'm overwhelmed with how much I have. I even found three finished quilts among the mess that only need binding...crazy that they sat there so long! Love the pumpkins!