Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Trash Talk...I mean....

...Stash Talk!

I know earlier we talked about hording the stash.  You know who you are...and I have to admit to being one of you.  I am coming out of the Stash Closet! When Jennifer came over and asked if I had a piece of fabric with tomatoes for the creation of one of her tablescapes...well, I knew there was a piece somewhere give it up for the cause???  Well she was lucky that I had turned over a new leaf over the weekend.  

After my conversation with Lori last week about actually using the stash...I took a leap of faith...I jumped the canyon of my stash...grabbed a ribbon around a beautiful pile of wool and...untied it!!!  This is huge!!!  Those that know me, understand that I have sweet piles of wool wrapped in ribbon, jelly rolls, 5 inch charm pack, fat quarter packs which I have not used because god forbid I should untie the ribbon!!!  But, no longer am I afflicted with PACS...Prepackaged and Cute Syndrome!!!  Alleluia I have been cured!!! 

Which has resulted in the prepping of several projects!  Including this adorable candle mat.  Totally out of my stash.  I know it is not much but I feel like I have been dunked in the baptismal waters of stash using and been cured!

Which has happened just in nick of time!  Because, today I headed to 

I will be posting photos on Instagram and Facebook but a slideshow is coming your way on Monday.  In the meantime we'll see you back here tomorrow...because I have a Bull of a story for you, lol.

(May you find peace Robin will be missed)
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