Friday, August 29, 2014

TGIF Happy Labor Day Weekend

I have family in Napa and thankfully they are all well.  Although much was lost  :(.  It will take a while to rebuild and get Napa back on it's feet.  But, in support HH and I threw a "Wake for Napa" inviting a few of the neighbors to bring Napa wine while we provided the pizza and salad.  My sister thought it was great!  

The book of the week is a Jack Reacher Novel.  A series written with the same character in each novel.  I suppose if you were a purist you would have started with the first one for character development...but, in this case it didn't make a difference.  When the author referred to past events or relationships there usually was an expanded explanation.  It was interesting at the time I read it but wasn't so fantastic that I could quote whole events.  The whole concept of Americans grouping together in Montana and trying to create a whole new country...well, it does give you pause...could this really happen???  And then you remember Timothy McVeigh.

Last night I headed to Bend for a retirement party in the park.  A guy I worked with in Pre-Surgery was retiring!  So happy for him.  Years ago I also worked with his wife and their daughter and our youngest went to the same pre-school.  Now they have sold their home and the country is wide open for them.  I made a couple of pillow cases with a camping theme as a send off.  The fabric was so cute and they do like to camp!

Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend...this weekend is all about you!  It is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the American Worker!  We all deserve a respite :)  

I will be taking Monday off...see you back here on Tuesday!

Enjoy one of my favorite videos...gotta love Matt!

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