Friday, August 29, 2014

TGIF Happy Labor Day Weekend

I have family in Napa and thankfully they are all well.  Although much was lost  :(.  It will take a while to rebuild and get Napa back on it's feet.  But, in support HH and I threw a "Wake for Napa" inviting a few of the neighbors to bring Napa wine while we provided the pizza and salad.  My sister thought it was great!  

The book of the week is a Jack Reacher Novel.  A series written with the same character in each novel.  I suppose if you were a purist you would have started with the first one for character development...but, in this case it didn't make a difference.  When the author referred to past events or relationships there usually was an expanded explanation.  It was interesting at the time I read it but wasn't so fantastic that I could quote whole events.  The whole concept of Americans grouping together in Montana and trying to create a whole new country...well, it does give you pause...could this really happen???  And then you remember Timothy McVeigh.

Last night I headed to Bend for a retirement party in the park.  A guy I worked with in Pre-Surgery was retiring!  So happy for him.  Years ago I also worked with his wife and their daughter and our youngest went to the same pre-school.  Now they have sold their home and the country is wide open for them.  I made a couple of pillow cases with a camping theme as a send off.  The fabric was so cute and they do like to camp!

Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend...this weekend is all about you!  It is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the American Worker!  We all deserve a respite :)  

I will be taking Monday off...see you back here on Tuesday!

Enjoy one of my favorite videos...gotta love Matt!


  1. I think I have read some of his books, lol. I usually find a book and like it and realize it is part of a series, so I will just start from book one and read the rest. This week I was too lazy to get to the library, so i am reading an ebook from their telus system, nice to get free books on the iPad. Those pillow cases are so fun and beautiful sewing.


  2. I've read every one of the Jack Reacher books... ahem! in order! LOL. Needless to say, I liked them. Glad you did.
    Sad for all the Napa folks who have suffered loss. I told my husband to tie down the TVs. We had them chained to the wall in Goleta, but 11 years in Santa Ynez and we haven't done it yet. Gotta get that on hizzoner's list.