Thursday, August 21, 2014

Inspiration...wherever I can find it....

The first booth at the vendor mall that the Fabric Stalkers hit was the Kai Scissors where I found these wool scissors.  I haven't given them a try yet but plan on doing some more prepping next week.

The other find was these packs of 5 inch lights!  100 pieces in one and 60 in the other...a nice variety for the small quilts in my 101 Small Quilts book.

It seems that during the summer months the girls of the MG's are few...and I know I have missed my fair share of stitching with this wonderful group of women.  Last Monday I was so amazed at the stitching that had been going on.

  Adorable mini quilt by Linda....look at her hand in the lower right corner.

Exquisite Applique

Clever Pillow

Wonderful Crazy Patch Stitching

and some very fun stitchery!

Today is a big day for Handi Quilter arrives!!!  I am hoping for many days of creativity, fun and and ever diminishing stack of UFO's!


  1. I have no idea where my comment went!
    Congrats on your Handi Quilter! Pictures please and thank you!!! Angela Walters' new book is great for long arming!!!

  2. Wow you are taking the leap to the "big time" aren't you! I'm still breaking in my Brother 1600PQ which I think is going to be as big as I go! Gotta keep my favorite longarmers in business... Besides, that frees me up to do even more UFOs!

  3. WOW!! Congratulations!! Can't wait to see what she looks like and how she performs!! Lucky YOU!!

  4. What makes the scissors for wool? I mean, how are they different?
    Handy Quilter?! Awesome! I bet you'll be a natural with it.

  5. That first quilt is simply amazing....I can't even imagine thinking about making one, let alone doing it! And as always I love the embroidery! blessings, marlene

  6. P.S. Do you know what the pattern is for the Handmade Quilts embroidery? blessings, marlene

  7. where did you get your mini quilt pattern?