Monday, August 25, 2014

Gallery Slide Show & Chit Chat

It was a scary weekend with family living down in Napa...but they were all fine...just a mess to clean up.  There are definitely blessings to be counted!

My brain is leaking...and, I feel like I am back at work and an announcement was made that we will be going to a new computer program...which will take months to learn. But, if you don't "get it" your mistakes will end up harming someone, being sued or losing you job...oh, I don't miss those days.  I have been a PC girl my entire work and play...I now have 15 days to figure out if I like MAC.  If not, it is going back and I am reverting to my comfort zone.

While going through my photo files I discovered an old friend.  DOOM squirrel!  This is what my son's named him because he was big, ornery and fearless.  He would knock on the door, taunt Enzo...with a "bring it" attitude.  I don't miss him one bit.... 

...because this is what my deck would look like every morning!  I would have to sweep up all the pine cone shavings before I could let Enzo out.  Yep, I can unequivocally say that I do NOT miss him at all!

Last Friday afternoon HH had to go into Bend to see if he could get his truck serviced.  I told him to drop me off at QuiltWorks because I needed to take photos of the Gallery exhibit and sign up for a class.  A few minutes after he dropped me off he called and said they could fit him in and it would take 40 minutes!!!  40 minutes to hang out in a quilt store!!!  I thought, "it was the best of was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness" just paraphrasing Charles Dickens :)  and I ended up buying this fabulous Windham Fabric called African Surf.  I had absolutely no control...a fat quarter...Pas de l'enfer!!!! Jamais!!! 3 yards please....(cussing in French is so much more lady like)

Enjoy the will be amazed by June Jaeger and the SAQA members!

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  1. I don't think I would have been able to pass up of that Aferican Surf either.

    Great slide show June has such a wonderful collection of designs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have always used Macs, so windows is what confuses me, lol. Great slide show, always fun to see quilts and be inspired.


  3. I was hoping you would post a Handi Quilter quilting update!
    I can so relate to the squirrel thing -- I just stopped feeding the poor birds -- the squirrels were taking everything and leaving a huge mess and ruining our trees. I feel so bad for the birds . . . the night the skunk showed up to eat the leftover birdseed did me in . . . a long haired dog (my Beardie) and skunk no thanks!

  4. So far, knock wood, I've only seen one squirrel in my yard. He seems happy to nibble on the seeds the b irds spill on the ground--they are the messy ones! But in a day or so it's all cleaned up. What I've found is that the finches are noshing on the hummingbird feeder! Very entertaining to watch from my quilting room!

  5. You amaze me taking on a Mac and the Handi Quilter all at once! You may just be fearless.... I found that adding red pepper flakes to birdseed has no effect on birds but the squirrels quickly get the message (aka burn) and move on, quickly!

  6. Go for it Anna! I was a PC gal even before Windows. Said I would never ever go to the "dark side". This year I've gotten an iPhone, a MacBook Air, mini iPad and am chanting at my desktop PC - fail, fail - I want to replace you with an iMac!