Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Wrap Up!

I am going to save all the Quilt, Knit, Stitch talk for Monday but we have been having a blast!  In the meantime we are wrapping up the week on the woolie blog with a movie review.

I really enjoyed this movie!  And out of a 5 star system I would give it a 3.5 even though our local paper gave it 2 stars...2 STARS definitely wasn't a 2 star movie and I am glad I continue to ignore the papers rating system.  The only reason I didn't rate it higher is that towards the end of the movie it went a little mainstream Hollywood which I didn't think had to be done...but, overall I did enjoy it and at the end some people in the theater clapped :).

My garden is continuing to bloom and I love that the wild life is partaking of my plantings...except for the deer.  I have slowly been introducing flowering plants that for the most part the deer don't like...hehehe.  I am not a gardener so it is hit and miss for me.  I don't have a clue what this flower is but the deer haven't eaten it and the bees love it!

My name is Anna and I no longer suffers from PACs (Prepackaged and Cute Syndrome)  I used my stash for this entire table mat.  It really was fast and easy although without the stitching done...the leaves...well they remind me of something that made it hard to cut out and imagination just went crazy with this one and I almost changed the entire pattern.  But when I looked at the photo with the mat stitched I thought....well, it looks ok...but, it just me or does anyone else see...something...else???  This is going on my coffee table???

I forgot to show you that I got my August Bertie's up!!!  So cute!  And, I have started stitching Septembers.

Have a wonderful weekend!  
I hope there is some stitching time scheduled in there for you!


  1. Lol! It reminds me of the "adult" ice cube thingies that the girls got for my daughter's bachelorette party in Vegas! It would have been okay if they had stayed in Vegas...but some made it home and the little girls have found them and asked what they were! I hope once you stitch your leaves they will stop looking like "boy parts" and more like leaves!

  2. The pumpkin piece came out wonderfully and it is nice to use what we. I do have a piece to make for fall, but not a kit, I do have a lot of wool so I only get the patterns.


  3. Well now that you mention it,,,,,I think I would re do the leaves a bit into a different shape.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. that flower looks like echinacea - also known as purple cone flower ...... and i won't comment on the leaves cuz Auntia would tell you that i see "stuff" everywhere ... i don't agree, i only see "it" when it's there - ha ha ha!!!

  5. Looks like a purple coneflower. Your mat is going to look fine once you have the stitching done. When you are stitching on wool, do you stitch on any kind of surface?

  6. Have to agree with Jacqueline. I would make the leaves more "leaf" shaped and less "man" shaped. LOL!

  7. ROFL at the inference and the followup comments. Being of a certain parochial school education, I didn't see a thing until I read the comments. I went to a segregated high school - never saw the boys. That seems to have followed me into adulthood! LOL, j/k. Go for it, Anna! It might be a good ice breaker. Once you finish the hand embroidery though, it may disappear a bit. Still ROFL !!

  8. Too funny! I'm stitching steadily on UFOs but spent yesterday and today cleaning and organizing my sewing room. I'm not through - still need to do some painting - but maybe next week. blessings, marlene