Monday, August 11, 2014

Deja Moo

Oh is definitely Deja Moo!  My email provider ended up on a SPAM black list and that is why I cannot reply to anyone's email!  The speech given was that they are really sorry and have applied to be removed but do not know when that will be????  No replying to your email...indefinitely???  What kind of Deja Moo is this????  So, I stretched the 'ol brain cells and changed the blog address to GMail as suggested by my email provider.  Hopefully this will allow me to respond to your emails.  I so love the comments :)

I forgot to show you what my girlfriend Lori had prepped!!!  We joined the Primitive Gathering 2014 BOW Sunflower Gathering and she has been diligently working away.  These blocks have many pieces and are not a walk in the park to prep...but oooohhh so beautiful!  I on the other hand am collecting mine in a project box, sigh...

The prepping of wool brings me to a discussion about scissors.  We have talked about this before...and, I am sure you also have a scissor fetish....a new movie is coming out for Quilters called, "50 Shades of Scissors."  Not yet rated!  The middle pair have been my "go to" scissors for cutting wool...they really cut wool like butter.  But they are on the thick side and for some of the more delicate or small areas you really need sharp to the point scissors....which lead me to the small pair on the left.  They are light, tiny and sharp to the point...they just don't have the strength to make a really clean cut.  My latest pair...well they are a dream!!!  Funny thing is they are labeled an embroidery scissor but these cut through wool better than the little pair! And sharp...oh so sharp, at least and IQ of 160 on the scissor scale. Made in Japan they are available is different sizes at the Stitchin' Post.  I love that they are called fatigue free! LOL 

Have a great Monday!
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