Thursday, August 7, 2014

Checking In...

I found this great quote with a fabulous photo and thought I would share it.  Yes, I can still throw a great tantrum but it seems that they are getting few and far between.  And, more often than not if I have one it is short lived...kinda like a sparkler on the 4th of July.  There is a lot going on in the world but, the person that I can have to most impact on is, finding my own peace will affect those around me. 

I had to go into Bend on errands and one of the stops included Sew Many Quilts.  The next Bertie's Project was ready for pick up...but, I didn't get far into the shop as this stunning quilt was hanging just as you walked really is gorgeous!  They have kits if you are interested.

There was a stitch group going on and it was fun to stop and check out the variety of projects being created!  Marla had some stitchery pillows to show...and her stitching is exquisite!

Her roots are in Oklahoma and stitched this beautiful pillow.

Karlene had stitched up a whole pile of Christmas ornaments...makes me want to dig through my Christmas projects.

I love my quilting groups but there is something  about spending time quietly stitching either by yourself or with a friend.  It seems I am more productive.  I decided to take advantage of not having the boys around and layout a king sized UFO.  It is the BQ2 pattern and I had chosen all my favorite indigo prints for the squares.  You can click on the photo to make it bigger.  I have had to piece the back because after washing the backing it wasn't quite large enough.  

After an inspiring conversation with FS (Fabric Stalker) Lori it was decided that we just love fabric and love buying fabric and want to buy more fabric...this means we have to give it know, give it up and use, stop hording those special pieces but actually start using our stash.  Piecing the backs, stop saving a certain piece for that certain quilt which we have no idea we are going to make! LOL  How about you???  Are there fabrics in your stash you just can't bring yourself to use???  Inquiring quilt minds want to know???


  1. I love the quote and adore your quilt. Lovely fabric choices Anna. Quiet time quilting is always a good thing.

    1. Sandi...I enjoy your comments...We have the same thoughts so many times...

  2. Wonderful pieces and i do love the stitched pillows, like that idea with the red.


  3. The problem with the stash is not the two dozen "special" pieces I am saving but the other 95% that I may or may not sew. The 5% backbone is not a problem either. Do you know if rag rugs uses yards and yards and yards of fabric..... you are right something has to give on the stash.

  4. I would give anything to have NO STASH accumulated and NO projects waiting to be done. Why oh why do I buy more when I can't even put a dent in what I have? This serious addiction needs a cure... maybe no shows or workshops for 6 months? Ha! Not likely. Striving... always striving. Thanks for the regular updates, they are always refreshing.

  5. I used to think my fabric hoarding friends were weird - lol! I didn't understand why you wouldn't USE the fabric...why would you SAVE it? I am just like them.