Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Yesterday I pondered the moments that are missed with all the rushing around and pseudo deadlines we place on ourselves.  Gotta get this done, gotta get that done...gotta make a list of things I need to get done...need to make a UFO list...What the beegeebeezzzz is all this stress...when all a quilter wants to do is have fun!  So, I relaxed and spent the afternoon with the Woolies.  I have so missed them!  I am giving up my lists...I am giving up my rules...and, I am going to just relax in my sewing room.  After all, it is supposed to be a place to retreat from the worlds woes.  Like a secret garden but with fabric, lol.

I decided to take my needle case wool project.  It seems if you don't practice was you learned in class you forget?!  So having these little projects available in a pick up and go case is perfect!  I am almost satisfied with this one and will be putting it all together.

Enjoy the short slide show of what the Woolies are working on...the group was so joyful and busy.  I am always inspired and there is nothing like a 
good belly laugh 
to heal 
the soul!

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  1. I started practicing stitches one time, really should do that when I am in between things to pick up my skills with embroidering wool appliqué. Hot day today so thinking about what i want to do with the least amount of effort, lol.


  2. LOVE the Woolies projects...thanks for the update. I have found a site "" that breaks down and explains various stitches in detail...totally awesome! I'm a list maker too and it's rather stifling at times, like now... ;0)

  3. Love everyone woolies projects ! I am working on one now that will be a Christmas gift so relaxing to stitch in the evenings

  4. Ah.....I missed see all of you and your beautiful creations. Just didn't feel right about leaving our new Cricketwood babe! His front leg tendons are tight and he would be perfect in ballet! Not very steady though. Enjoy your time in your nest!

  5. You can give up all lists you want but NOT the ufo. I have been so motivated by YOUR finishes etc.

  6. Glad you are taking the time to relax and just do what you want! That is the way life should be. Love all of the Woolies projects - a few of them look very familiar!

  7. What a fun group. Love all their projects.

    Yes, lists are just useless anymore. I write them and then I write some more. Oh me oh my what an incredible bore. No more list, not one list more. Hee, hee,hee. I was bring out my inner Dr. Seuss. giggle, snort.

  8. So true! I love to sew, but sometimes I get caught up in those dreaded deadlines and find myself rushing about. Love your woolies!