Monday, July 21, 2014

The Twisted Sisters

One of the blessing that occurs during the Stitchin' Post Quilters Affair is the people you meet!  Thousands of quilters come together to share their love of this arts and craft form.  If you take the time, you will make life long friends.  For the last 2 years the Twisted Sisters have rented the house behind us and oooohhh baby are they an amazing group of quilters.  In the 10 days they come they'll average 25 quilt tops!!!  yes, I said 25...or maybe it is 28.  Anyhooooo it is a bucket load of quilt tops.  

I live in the most wonderful neighborhood where my neighbors (quilters and non-quilters) come together to share food, drink and conversation on a regular basis.  And so, we hosted an impromptu "Post Quilt Show Recovery" happy hour and the Twisted Sisters were welcomed into the fold!  

As you can see in the photo below...they actually finished the tops started at their Quilters Affair class in the same week!

Mary, Gabby, Robin and ROCK!

Enjoy the slideshow, save your coins...
come to the 40th Anniversary of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in 2015 
you too will meet the most incredible people!

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  1. Luscious colored fabrics and interesting design lay-outs...what a creative group of friends! When I met them at your house they were sure a jolly group of Twisted Sisters! FUN!!!

  2. One of the most fun things about quilters is their evil sense of humor! Love those challenge you than me!

  3. Those sisters are lovely gals what a fun getaway for them to do together.

    Love all the challenge fabrics you chose for them and they chose for you.

    Looking forward to see what you all create!

  4. Friends and quilting, life is grand, how we are.

  5. That is so wonderful for them to be able to rent a house there and you can all get together to make quilts.


  6. Where are the ladies from? That is wonderful how they are invited into the neighborhood fold.

  7. Wow, love their work, enjoyed meeting them and you. What fun the week in Sisters is! Thanks for being the conduit to bring everyone and everything Sisters and more to my desktop. Hugs for Enzo!