Tuesday, July 22, 2014


It happened this past week...a moment.  I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first.  When did it happen?  HH and I went to see the Book of Mormon (more about that later).  Anyhoo, it was at the Keller Theater which is about 3 city blocks over and 7 city blocks down from where we nest in Portland.  We were going to the theater after all...so, I made an effort to dress up a little with some cute open toed shoes.  The walk down was fine...but...the walk back up hill was so challenging that I decided before I went out for happy hour I would change my clothes and put on my Nikes...OMG...when did I tip over to that age where sensible shoes made more sense than cute shoes?!  It happened in a moment...just like that, sigh...HH was so sweet...he said, the shoes are cute but we need to be able to walk uphill to happy hour, lol.  Practical guy.

I also realized that life's moments cannot be ignored...that it had only been a month since we made our trip to my nephew's wedding...and, in that one month this little guy had made a leap in growth, not only in stature but language.  

...and when did my baby grow up???

There weren't many stitching moments this passed weekend...all I got done was a little mermaid tail on my Quilters Affair project...But, I figure it is more important to enjoy the journey than to rush to reach a destination.  That it is the sweet quiet moments that carry you through the challenges in life...so, why rush them?


  1. Love the picture of your little man, he is so cute!

    The tease if your mermaid tail is great, it will be a lovely piece when you finish it.

    Nice picture of you and HH also.

  2. Very thought provoking and so true. We are always in such a rush that one day we stop and say, where did it go and that is when we really learn to enjoy the moments in each day.


  3. the first thought that comes into my mind when i see cute shoes is "them are sittin' shoes" ... and i think it says a lot about you when you stop rushing the quiet, sweet moments - some people never do figure that out...

  4. That is such a beautiful photo of your son and grandson on the beach!! Sounds like you fun in Portland. I gave up on cute shoes many years ago, I guess I am ahead of my time! lol

  5. Your little grandson is adorable!

  6. I hear you about the shoes.....I wish someone would make cute, sensible shoes, or is that an oxymoron?
    Your grandson looks like a sweetie pie!

  7. Sensible shoes..um...YEP!!! Tender moments spent with your family are essential. I have my great grandson every Tuesday (8 months old now) and I cherish those days...even though he's teething right now. Cuddle time is forever...