Thursday, July 24, 2014

Houston We Have A Problem

It seems that computer issues have followed me home...I have a love/hate relationship with my laptop...I need a new one but this one is like an old friend...except when it stops talking to me :(  I attended the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Volunteer Appreciation Event  (sorry no slide show until she decides to talk to me again)  It was so wonderful to be with so many wonderful people who help the quilt show happen.  Another year completed and another year to look forward too.

The last couple of days has brought huge storms to the area...big winds, buckets of rain, hail and spectacular lightening.  A huge buck was running around the front of the house trying to decide where to hide.  I was sure a lightening bolt was going to hit one of his racks!  Finally he bedded down next to a house under construction...riding out the storm. I am kinda PO'd  that Enzo just lays around while there is thunder and lightening going on...yet, if I walk into the kitchen he is terrified!  Sheesh! 

Yesterday I cleaned my sewing room, reorganizing and actually doing some sewing!  I opened all the blinds in my sewing room, threw open the windows to let the rain fresh air in....put on a fabulous book on CD and started sewing!  What a wonderful feeling.  I made the binding and finished up the 2nd camper quilt.  Enzo liked it!


  1. Enzo is the perfect quilt model. My dogs get totally terrified during thunderstorms and it usually turns into a big cuddle moment. Sounds like you had a perfect day in your sewing room!

  2. I hate having to get new computers but I hate when all they give me is problems so worth it. Enzo is trying to tell you he wants to go camping again, lol.


  3. Bummer about your laptop, Anna. Same happened to me - I now have a MacBook Air that I love, love, love! Sure would have liked to see that buck - must have been quite the sight! Hope you stay safe from fires!

  4. Did you manage to get any pictures of the buck? Enzo coordinates well with your quilt!

    We had some of those thunder showers come our way but they didn't cause too many problems. But in Kamloops they had mud slides and rivers of rain flowing down some of the streets and cars were even floating away.

    Don't mess with Mother Nature.

  5. Lovely rain fell that smell! Haven't been camping for quite a while here as I love to stay home during the summer months. We've been flying away to visit with relatives...they live too far from here...sigh...

  6. You must have the storm that hit us last weak in the Sierras . My Dell died last month & I broke down & bought a Apple desktop & I love it !! Congrats on finishing the binding on your quilt :-D