Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Friday Night Picnic in the Park

I have decided that the Sisters Quilters Affair and the Outdoor Quilt Show is like Disneyland for Quilters!!!  There is sooooo much to do, so much to see that you can literally go from sunrise to sunset each and every day!  And then the party is over...at least for us attendees...but for the minions who make the show happen every year...well, they have already started working on next years event.  I am giving you forewarning...start today, right now...saving those coins because next year is the 40th anniversary and 2015 is going to be a wonderful year for quilters in Sisters country!

Today's post is about the Picnic in the Park.  Friday of Quilt Show week always has an evening picnic which has wonderful music, food...
(take a look at these photos, Tate & Tate Catering)

...and, QUILTS!  Not only the sharing of the Stitchin' Post employee challenge but the featured speaker always brings quilts to share.  It is held in our sweet Village Green in the center of town.  This year Jennifer Keltner, a publication guru who is now with Martingale Press brought along suitcases filled with quilts made by their designers.  They all are doable and the quilting was fabulous!

enjoy the slideshow...hang in there through the first third...there really are quilts in this slide show. But, I wanted to share the flavor of the picnic...to entice you to attend next year.  You can sign up and pay for your meal or if you choose to have your own picnic you can still see the show!
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