Monday, July 28, 2014


 What a glorious weekend.  The weather was fabulous...I was able to fit some quilting time cousin and his family stopped by...and the neighborhood was rockin' and rollin'.  There is construction going on all around us and change is happening.

Do you ever feel like you want to dig in your heels and not accept the change?  Over the last year I have heard not only myself but others lamenting the changes going on in life.  If you are a "senior" like me you have entered that period of life where your plate is full of choices.  Friends are moving, quilt groups are evolving and choices are available.  And, even though the choices are great they still bring a change...which one has to pause...and think about.  

I am finding that it is taking me a little time to adjust to the changes in my quilt groups.  Life is all about change...and, like the new bolts of fabric that arrive in the shops...there are new friends to be made...but you still miss you old friends that you don't see the special pieces of fabric that you don't see anymore and wish they would reprint! LOL

Several years in over 10 years ago Jean Wells & The Stitchin Post used to plan one day bus trips over the mountains to different quilt shops and gardens.  What a wonderful time we had!  On one such trip we went to a garden shop and I bought a Money Tree root and it looked exactly like this photo.  A braided root which I brought home and stuck in a pot of dirt.

Many years later my Money Tree looks like this and continues to grow...I miss those trips but I have this great plant to remember them by...likewise...when I look at some of my quilts I remember the friends I quilted with and know that there are new memories to be made.

I finished another quilt and I do believe Enzo looks quite dapper on this one!


  1. Yup - it can be hard to let go but I don't want to be one of those people who say "we used to . . . " - that can really close things down. Like new fabric, a good way to think about it.

  2. I hear ya'! I feel the change in the wind happening here as well. My best Quilty Buddy is planning to move, way too far away. And I'm praying for a change in our locale as well.
    As for the noble Enzo, you've made a quilt that I'm quite certain he knows belongs to him! It compliments his coloring beautifully!

  3. Things have changed so much since we were younger, I think we lived in a fast evolving period, from party lines to iPhones, lol. Even though quilting has changed, we can still do what we love and enjoy our styles.


  4. I so love the camaraderie that develops within the quilting world from moment to moment, workshop to workshop. Looking back I am surprised how old I am and how much things changed. LOL. Thank goodness the quilting continues and new adventures await. Love the idea of bus trips like you mentioned. How fun. Locally, we have had bus trips to Road, PIQF, Palm Springs and used to be Long Beach. None to shops though. Good idea for a road trip for the guild!!

  5. Change is very hard for me and too much at once.....welll...Enzo always looks dapper