Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Stitchin' Post

Isn't this the truth!!

...And no matter how strong my resolve is to not spend any money...I can always find something that I need...this time, a pair of scissors from Japan!  They really do cut very nice!  And I think maybe I will get more creative because of them, ROFLOL.  Today we head to my nephew's wedding...what a spectacular time I plan on having!  

Enjoy the slideshow of the Stitchin' Post...the shop is rockin' and rollin' with new merchandise...getting ready for the quilt show!!!  And don't forget the Gallery Show at QuiltWorks tomorrow.  The Juniperberries are the featured group and our Pat is the featured quilter!

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  1. It is not in our nature to walk into a quilt store and leave empty handed, it just won't happen, lol.


  2. I have to ask, what brand and style of scissors are they?

    I can recall going ona road trip with my mom and I came out of a quilt store and had t bought anything. My mom stuck her finger up and made a downward stock. Indicating a mark on an imaginary wall that I hadn't made a purchase. She cracked me up. I've bought a pack of appliqué needles to buy something small if I can't find anything else to get.

  3. So true! I think maybe there was one time I went in a quilt store and didn't buy anything. LOL...I don't think that's even possible for me!