Thursday, June 12, 2014

Quilter's Toe

Here is a funny for you....but, so very true! is taking me a little bit to dip my Quilter's Toe in the fabric waters!  I am still so pooped!  Yesterday afternoon HH asked if I wanted to go into town and walk around and I said..."I think I need a nap!!!"  Now those words have never come out of my mouth EVER!  My parents thought I never slept.  Yesterday was a momentous day...I laid on the couch and started snoring!! Have you ever been that tired???

With that said...I did venture into my sewing room.  On Tuesday night a book group I belong to met at the home of one of the Stitchin' Post teachers and it was the quilting stimulation I need to get the 'ol quilters toe* to venture into the sewing room.  I have 2 little ones in my life who have birthdays coming up in the next couple of weeks...which means pillowcase time!!!  I love making pillowcases! Have you ever made pillow cases??? I am working on a slideshow for pillowcase construction for Monday.

Quilter's Toe: It is located inside the great toe of the left foot. Starts wiggling when ever within the vicinity of fabric.  Can smell cotton from a great distance.

Enjoy a peek of Tamra's quilts!
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  1. How did you know I am making pillow cases for Christmas gifts? Have you been reading my site??
    Thanx for the slide show. I love seeing the way others display their items.
    And quilter's toe?!?! In that case I have quilter's BODY!!!
    G.G. L

  2. Ha! Yesterday I took a 20 minute nap in my car between two quilt meetings, rare for me! Sometimes I just have to catch up with myself... :0)

  3. I always need extra cases and the stores are too high for nice ones, so definitely thinking about making my own. I do get that tired but rare that I take a nap or fall asleep during the day.


  4. Yes I have made pillowcases, hundreds of them. Each summer seems to bring on a project that needs some and I enjoy picking the fabric, sewing and being FINISHED with the project, even if it is many dozen cases.