Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Quilt Burp

Hummm, yesterday was a quilt burp...which in my mind quilting occurred.  All I could think about was picking up Enzo.  He had been at Camp Mel while we were in Napa, California.  We missed him and knew that 6 days at camp he would be a very dirty we hit the groomers on the way home.  Isn't he handsome!  He was as happy as we were to arrive home...that place that warms the heart.

Having been away I knew the mail was piling up.  NO, I did NOT order something over the internet...I WON it!!!!  Can you believe it?  I can't!  Yes, I did win a American Made Brand, Farm to Fabric pack!! And the fabric feels amazing!  If you want to you can enter the, Farm to Fabric challenge!

Let's hope that the quilt burp ends soon and some stitching begins!?


  1. Poor Enzo, no more hair, lol. I bet it is a lot cooler for him, though. I saw that hop, but have been avoiding contests except for a few, need to use what I have;)


  2. Solids are SO "in"! It will be fun to think of what to do with them...How's the smoke where you are Anna?

  3. I love the term "quilt burp!" Too funny! Your sweet pup looks beautiful and so does that little bundle of fabric. Congratulations on winning!