Thursday, June 19, 2014

Necessity is the Mother...

...of invention.  Are you listening...I am about to step onto my soap leave now before you are hooked into listening to me :).  For as long as I can remember Cakers (Fabric Stalker) has attached her binding by machine.  NOT Really....REALLY!  She has quietly been preaching the benefits of binding attached by machine.  But, binding myself wouldn't dream of attaching a binding by machine.  OMG...what has the quilting world coming there will be pre-cut applique pieces!!!  Oh yeah...there are now pre-cut applique pieces.  

Now hear me least 80% of my projects are hand work. I don't need a gazillion more hours of hand work in the form of binding (said with a wine...I mean whine) why am I hell bent on attaching my binding by hand??? Am I nuts?!  Yes, I will still hand bind my "heirloom" type quilts quilts, graduation quilts, bed quilts...that will get used and laundered over and over...the ones that are machine quilted?!  why be snobby about the binding???

Yes, are right there is no going back now!

I finished my Bridgetown quilt and it was quilted by Kim over at QuiltWorks.  Due to time constraints and knowing this quilt is going to be used and abused and loved I decided to....drum roll....bind by machine! It took me exactly 1 hours to attach the binding on this queen sized quilt!  1 HOUR!!!  Sweet!!!

One of the challenges of binding by machine is catching the binding on the back when you are sewing on the front.  So I developed my own technique of attaching the binding on the back and bringing it to the front!!!  Some would say that they don't like the thread line showing on the front...but, when a quilt it machine quilted it really doesn't matter.  If it really bugged you then use the blind hem stitch to tack it down.  First and foremost to using my technique you must trim the layers of the back, batting and front all the same.  That way it is a no brainer in attaching the binding to the back...just line up all the raw edges.  Yep, I am forever more going to attach binding by machine for my utilitarian quilts!

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  1. Congrats I'm still doing them by hand, maybe one day I'll bite the bullet and try by machine!

  2. When you get a chance google "new binging technique". It's awesome! It puts an accent color on the front and totally finishes the quilt off and looks marvelous! If it doesn't show up anymore, let me know and I will send you the link.

  3. So how do you do the corners?

  4. When our group was making quilts for kids at City of Hope and a couple of orphanages, we used to sew the bindings down by machine. Most of the time, we'd use a decorative stitch on the front, which made a nice finish. Colleen Wise developed a technique for a 2-color binding that is stitched in the ditch on the front (on the accent line) and I think someone else has now made a couple of videos of it, without crediting her. I think it's a snazzy technique! I mostly do sew my bindings down by hand because I like the look of it and it's about the only hand sewing I do any more (curses the arthritis) so it's not too onerous. But, for a really utilitarian quilt, heck yeah I'll use the machine!

  5. I've been sewing my binding on by machine for a long time, mainly because my hands just got too sore doing it by hand. I remember getting the most dreaded look from a quilter when she heard this. Really, she looked like she'd bit a lemon! Thanks for this great post!

    1. Ooops, I forgot to tell you how beautiful that quilt is!