Monday, June 2, 2014

June??? Give Away 24 hours left!!!

It is so unbelievable that we have already taken a step into June!!!  I know I sound like a broken record each month...but, is this happening???  Time seems to be flying by...yet, my UFO pile still seems to be the same!  To help in my challenge to keep stitching I spent the day with the Linda's.  2 Linda's came over to the house to stitch...with my aging brain I didn't have to remember different name, LOL.  I totally crack myself up!

Linda #1 is the stitchery instructor at Sew Many Quilts.  She is an excellent stitcher and always is willing to help you out with ideas on patterns or products.  Linda #2 is an excellent stitcher also and is involved in many stitchery groups in the area and had a featured slideshow of her sewing room on the Woolie blog.  I was so surprised as was Linda #1 when Linda #2 brought us these handmade bowl buddies to use with soup bowls in the microwave!  I have always wanted one just didn't want to make it :)

Linda #1's stitchery project

Linda #2's stitchery project

and here is what I was working on....

While having the 2 Linda's stitching away in the command center the conversation turned to UFO's and the desire to start new I started pulling stuff out and found this project.  Why oh Why isn't it finished???!!!  Because once I did the fun stitchery part I lost steam!  Funny how our brains work.

Don't forget the 
Give Away!!!  
Last 24 hours till we see who get to make me a quilt from the book! LOL

PS. Wonder if I could get Robin to change her name to Linda???  it would be so much easier, lol.


  1. My UFOs took a back seat to traveling to graduation, boy birthday party, and wedding shower fun. However today is back to the grindstone! Those pinwheels WILL get done!

  2. Your Harvest Table runner is going to be beautiful !

  3. Wonderful pieces and stitchery. It looks like they are using thicker threads? I would love to do that with some stitcheries, it shows nicer and nice for pillows too. I love Kathy's designs, they are fun to do and work nicely for home and gifts.


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  5. Lots of pretty stitching going on! (I am sure that Robin would not mind changing her name for You!) lol

  6. Thought of you as I prepped a small wool project for a retreat this weekend. I wish I were together enough to always have a wool project ready to grab...they are SO colorful and pretty!

  7. I just made one of these bowls today!

  8. love the bowl!
    all the projects you feature are so great.
    I thought you had more "steam" than anyone in blog world, teasing! you do amaze me with all you do, hugs to enzo!