Monday, June 23, 2014

Center Diamond!

I feel like I have been on a Bullet train that is speeding through my life, lol.  I have decided rather than try and make some order with all that I have been up too...I would just share it with you totally out of, maybe you can feel the same craziness that I am, LOL.  

Life is changing in the quilting world.  You can see and feel it when you travel.  It could be that a shop you visited in the past is gone...or, some shops feel like they are not adding anything new.  The Center Diamond in Cannon Beach never seems to miss a step.  Beautiful and inspiring the Fabric Stalkers have supported this shop over the years during beach retreats.

Needless to say...even without Lori, my shopping buddy...I still dropped a pretty penny.  I went in, only to pick up Sashiko thread and needles...but stuff kept jumping in my hands :)

Enjoy the slide show and if you see anything you can't live without...
The Center Diamond can send it to you! 

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  1. Centre Diamond is one of my favourite quilt shops along Thr Oregon Coast. They always have some great inspiration to share and something that needs to come home with me.

    Love the big Puffin design. Enjoy your time away.

  2. It is amazing how those things just jump up and attach themselves to you!

  3. Was that cubbie full of wool or felt, can't tell by the picture. I was there on Sat for the Sand Castle contest and walked right by the shop and didn't go it--dumb me.

  4. Yes, indeed! It looks like Center Diamond is keeping up with trends...good. Sandi, the Puffin also appealed to me. Curious about that skeleton tell...

  5. You comment about the quilt world changing really struck a cord with me. It has alsways been ever changing but now the change "feels" different. As you noted some quilt shops are on hold or sliding to close. I don't like seeing this as I love shopping brick and mortar, but again things are changing. The question is where is it headed? The quilting cutting edge is different than it was five years ago ..... if I can't see where I am going how will I know when I get there? Just hope the leaders are good enough to drag us oldies along for the ride.