Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cannon Beach Oregon

We both grew up smelling the ocean air and although we live in the mountains it never leaves our souls.  At least once a year we have to venture forth like hypnotized creatures until we reach the shore.  Once reached, we are happy! 

I caught a shot of HH heading for the rock.

As we made one of several treks down the beach each day we discovered there is more than one way to cross the ocean!

The winner of the 50th Anniversary Cannon Beach Sandcastle Building contest!  All the creatures of the sea are playing instruments!

Fair warning...this blog and this slideshow do not have one bit of quilting!  
Hope you enjoy it anyway :)

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  1. Love the ocean & really enjoyed all of your pictures . Don't know why but the smile box would not work for me this morning :-(

  2. Looks like a great day, Canon Beach is one of my favourite places to explore. Very nice to see the sea stars. I heard that there was a virus that was wiping them out along the coast. The tidal pools near Haystack are amazing.

    I've never been at the beginning of a sand castle competition. Interesting to see all the early work they do.

  3. Love the beach! Great photos! My Mom, Dad and younger brother used to go to Cannon Beach every summer for a month. They loved it especially the sand castles! Have a great beach adventure!

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful time at the beach and love those sandcastles, such amazon art in sand. We got to see baby seagulls and lots of shorebirds on the island today, nice to be at a beach with only birds for company, lol.


  5. Thank you for the slide shows of Cannon Beach and Center Diamond. They make me want to get in the car and drive there now! Love Cannon Beach!

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