Monday, May 26, 2014

Thank You To Those Who Sacrificed So Much...

Today we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  Thank you.

In reviewing my "self care" weekend I was able to slow down, take the time to do the little things.  I put lotions on my dried out snake skin feeling legs, lol.  I used moisturizer on my face ever night before bed.  I slept in one day...and I started up my jar salads!!!  Last year I started prepping a weeks worth of salads in mason jars.  layering the onions, tomatoes, chopped celery and cucumbers...then putting the  lettuce on top.  Yes, it really does stay fresh and crisp in the jar.  Then each evening at dinner I just pour out the jar on 2 plates for HH and I.  
Easy peasy!

Robin came out to Sisters to play one day and brought her "project in progress" from our Empty Spools Seminar with Mary Lou Weidman.  The story is about her grandson and the animals in their lives.  Isn't it adorable!

She also brought out the next 3 projects she has prepped as is stitching...too taunt me!!!

What I so know is that stitching with others is so inspiring.  It encourages me to dig out those projects I have been wanting to do and those that have been languishing in the Black Hole of my sewing room!

Stay tuned tomorrow...I have a fantastic Give Away!


  1. Thanks so much for the salad in a jar tip! I love salads, but don't always have the time each day to rinse, dry and chop.... so having it all at the ready is going to be great (an healthy)! :-) Beautiful stitches you have in progress... stitching with others makes each piece all the more priceless! Happy memorial Day!

  2. Great idea using the make ahead salads in Mason Jars ! Thanks for sharing

  3. And remember that stitching things you love is also self care

  4. I love the chicken on her grandson's head, it looks like the dog is speaking to them both. What great projects she has all prepped. I love a quilter who has several things to work on.

    Your salads look wonderful. Enjoy.

  5. Thanks for sharing the salad in a jar idea! I love salads, my DH not so much. Robin certainly has some wonderful projects going. Her quilt with her grandson is adorable. Will check tomorrow for you giveaway.

  6. Lots of wonderful projects and I did make the lady and sheep, I love that piece.


  7. I simply LOVE to see all of the wool projects!