Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nooks & Crannies

We tend to go blithely through life focusing on only what we have chosen to see directly in our view.  We drive the same routes, we order the same meals, we shop at the same stores...and yet, there is much to be discovered in the nooks and crannies of life.  I am definitely a creature of habit but I am also a curious soul.  And so, while having breakfast one day last week I overheard a conversation in the next booth...just a snippet...not the whole conversation.  What I heard was "...18 quilts"  It might have been 16 quilts but anyhoo it was a bucket load of quilts to be entered in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!  What???!!!  Who is this Quilting Queen???  So naturally having the restraint of a 2 year old I got up...went over...and introduced myself.  Luckily Susan didn't brush me off as a nut case.  I made arrangements to enter her world of quilting and sewing room.

Susan lead a professional life that took her to various locations around the globe.  And although throughout her entire life she has had the gift of art in her blood it wasn't until later in life that she discovered the Dorcas Quilt Group of San Francisco.  There she found a supportive and artistic group in which to discover and enjoy the art of quilting.

Currently life is about family, friends, quilting, reading and gardening.  The perfect life.  Her home reflects all that is dear to her and, I was in awe of the breath of her gifts.  She is able to paint with any medium and her quilting shows interest in a variety of techniques.

This is the current book she is reading.  I am adding it to my reading list also!

Today's slideshow not only show the breath of Susan's quilting world but her other interests.  The most unusual thing I learned was how she buys fabric and organizes her stash...very interesting.  Enjoy yourself and know that you can stop the slide show any time to take a longer look!

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