Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jibber Jabber

Spring always brings a lot of activity within the family unit...and one of my cousin's daughters got married last weekend in Toronto...have you ever seen a more beautiful bride!!!  Just like the Sisters Mountains that I look at every morning they are Faith, Hope, Charity (the photo is actually Charity, mom, Faith and Hope.)  My cousin and his wife have been ministers and missionaries their entire adult life and the children grew up attending international schools.  Hard to believe that so much time has passed!

I was in Sew Many Quilts on Monday to purchase some Transfer Eze when I discovered this book.  What a fantastic find...the funny thing is Anne and Blogless Sandy have been doing a quilt each month since January from this book...duhhhh!  As soon as I got back to town I stopped by XPress in Sisters and had them spiral bind it because I knew I would be using this book A LOT!

By spiral binding a book it will lay open and is easier to use.  You wouldn't want to do this with every quilt book...just the ones that you will need to reference a "Around The Block."  They also put a clear plastic cover on the front and back...all this for the price of $5!!!

I did it...and I know the photo doesn't do it justice but I finished the ring bearer pillow!!!!  The bride had sent me a photo off of Pinterest and it was similar but I added the sashiko stitching on the top half.  Feels good to have this done!  The wedding quilt and ring bearers pillow are in the mail...hip hip hurrah!!!

Today is going to be a pamper day...facial, hair...and massage...well, I have to admit the massage is more medicinal that relaxing...but, it keeps me and my back out of a surgeons office :)  Hope your Thursday is a good one!


  1. I agree, she is a beautiful bride and a beautiful photo of all of the girls with mom. That is a good idea, I am always trying to keep books open, so doing this to ones we use a lot, makes sense.


  2. Gorgeous bride...and love the pillow!! Have fun getting pampered!!

  3. Love the work you did on the pillow, I've got some of the light green ribbon in different colour ways, it is so pretty and Spring like. The sisters are lovely as is their mom.

    Enjoy your new book.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous bride! Mom and sisters too! Love the pillow! I have that book and it is one of my favorites. In fact I just made the Civil War Basket quilt in it, except I downsized the baskets to 3 inches. I just got border fabric for it. I have page after page marked in it of quilts to make!

  5. What a beautiful family and great job on the pillow!

  6. Pretty maidens all in a row! The pillow is such a special gift...beautiful! Hope your back is feeling relieved...

  7. Beautiful, Beautiful family. Great pillow and sashiko stitching, love the idea. As I speak I'm resting my back on the hot pad with essential oils.
    Hope your is feeling better, have a fun week-end.