Thursday, May 8, 2014

Anxiety = Prepping (Last Day for Give Away!)

Don't forget to leave a comment on the Give Away post!  Tomorrow a winner will be announce.  If there are multiple correct guesses I will let Mr. Random number generator and the dog dish cough up the winner.  I would appreciate if you would sign up as a follower of the blog before entering.

Yep, you never stop being a mom.  And so, we are heading to Portland to await the arrival of my son and DIL.  My DIL has finished her graduate program and they are now returning to Oregon from Illinois where they have been for over 2 years!  Yeah!!!  Of course I am going 4 days before their possible arrival date...just in case...which means I need to have several hand projects prepped so I don't get bored or anxious.

I spent an intense day of prepping!  Which meant that I played Broadway Show tunes on my Pandora Radio Station.  I grew up with an appreciation of live stage loved them.  Which meant that I know a lot of show tunes.  With the radio full blast while prepping projects...I was either crying (show tunes are emotional), belting out the lyrics along with the radio or doing some high stepping dance moves. Needless to was a long day of prepping.

This is one of my favorites...I start singing even reading the title, lol.

So far for the stay in Portland I have these projects prepped...I might need more...anxiety requires lots of hand work!

Buttermilk Basin Pattern

Bertie's BOM by Bonnie Sullivan

Annabelle's Garden by the Red Button Quilt Co.

 Pattern from the 2014 Primitive Quilts & Projects Magazine

Prepped the FINAL border of the 2011 Primitive Gathering BOM!!!

Do you think I have enough to keep me busy in Portland???
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