Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yabba dabba doo

Ok, it wasn't Yogi and it isn't pleasant...but, this is what Black Bear skat looks like.  I didn't know that.  But, as I was picking up after Enzo (dang, that he doesn't have opposable thumbs!) I came across a pile on my front lawn that looked exactly like this!  I immediately said, "This is NOT my dog poop (yes, I said it out loud) but, it is the weirdest dog poop I have ever seen!"  HH who was talking to a guy on the side of the house excused himself by saying as he rolled his eyes, "my wife wants me to look at some poop"...well, he didn't use the word poop.  Being an outdoors guys he immediately said, "That is black bear skat."  I said, "NO WAY!!!"  At which point he brought up the photo on google...what would we do without google...and showed me an identical pile of poop.  He then proceeded to tell that one night when I was at Quilt Retreat (thank my lucky stars) Enzo woke up and went into the bathroom growling...which is right outside where I found the pile! Yabba dabba poo!

I have been working away at a Jelly Roll quilt made from a Blueberry Crumb Cake Roll...and yes, it is as yummy as it sounds! I buy jelly rolls because I can't afford the calories of a real jelly roll. I have never made a jelly roll quilt but I feel the calories burning.

...and while I was strip piecing I had an awesome experience!!!!  As providence would have it, HH was sitting in sewing room when this happened!!!  I am not saying it is as good an experience as some that I have had with him...but oh...it was still satisfying.

Then...I get to start a new one!  I think next year I am going to keep track of how many spools of thread I empty!

Have a wonderful Tuesday! I am off to Woolies for an exceptional stitching experience, lol


  1. Will you be putting out a pic-i-nic basket for it?
    I had to take a friend who move to the states from Chile to the grocery store not long ago. While she was picking up some honey she said she needed it for her 'friends'. Yup, you guessed it. She was feeding the honey to the bears because she thought they were cute, which they are....far away from you. I told her to STOP it, they can break through the glass doors she was feeding them from. She did not buy the honey.
    D.G. L

  2. I'm surprised you weren't visited before with the deer that come to visit.

    My girlfriend lives in Wet Vancouver in a well built up area and went across the street to visit a neighbour. That neighbour indicated to quickly some to the front door...there was a bear in her side yard.

    We forget how close the forest is sometimes and you are a kit closer. Maybe a story quilt for your future!

  3. Only you could post a photo of bear scat on your blog, Anna! Too funny! We were camping in the Eagle Cap wilderness east of you one year and what did we spy but many piles of the same thing interspersed with wild blackberries that we just happened to pick the day before to go with our dessert! Needless to say it was one very fast camp breakdown!

  4. That is funny, and now you know to watch out if you go out at night. Love the blueberry colors, that looks beautiful together.


  5. Grab an empty container and call it your Empty Spool container...almost say 'stool' geeze...I have poo on the brain!!
    Yabba Dabba 'DooDoo'...

  6. I generally empty three or four spools before going to Empty Spools (at Asilomar)--guess I know where they got their name! I wind up a couple of dozen or so bobbins (really! I own that many...) at a time and then when I'm piecing I just have to change them out. As far as bear sightings go, my friend Sandy had one in her back yard in Monrovia; my son's house in Conn. is on the bear paths--backs up to the Metacomet Ridge. Connecticut even has a website for bear sightings!

  7. You would think living in Alaska I would have all kinds of bear stories. Nope, I don't . I have seen only one small grizzly trying to cross a highway. We did get a picture, though not a very good one. Now moose we have, though I have found them to be very considerate and usually use the woods around my house to do their business and not right in the yard. lol Love your Blueberry fabric! Happy Quilting

  8. Ugh! you better be on the lookout! Keep your dog by your side when you are outside. He will get the first wiff of the bear.

  9. The only bears I've seen, other than the zoo, were feeding on the side of the road in the Rockies, and in Tennessee. They were oblivious to the hundreds of us who were ogling him from the safety of our cars. Of course there were a few folks who temporarily went insane and tried to get close enough to get a picture. blessings, marlene