Friday, April 11, 2014

Week in Review & The Dog Stars Quilts

I finished...finally.  It was a difficult book for me to breeze through...and what I have to say is, the second half of the book was better than the first half.  I kept shaking my head through the first half.  But, after a book and author review by a friend who attended the presentation by Cheryl Strayed in Bend I decided to give it the 'ol college try and see if I could complete the read.  What she accomplished was amazing and if you look at her narrative as a Pacific Crest Recovery Trek both for her future and understanding her past you will enjoy the read.

As for this your money!!  This was a mix of Lord of the Rings meets August Osage County and a little pinch of the Bible...what a disappointment!  I really can not even believe this movie got made.  HH said as we were leaving the theater..."well, that was painful!"

I have not read this book but it was the Deschutes County Library Novel Idea book for 2014.  A post apocalyptic setting made this a dark read for most of my friends.  I have the book but have been reluctant to pick it up...until now. 

...the reason is because of QuiltWorks quilt gallery show.  Each year QuiltWorks has challenged quilters who are reading the Novel Idea book for the year to create a quilt which is inspired by something in the novel.  The show is extraordinary...and surprisingly it seemed the quilts are uplifting in theme...which makes me ponder if it was a bad choice to skip this read.  Now the Dog Stars is back on my need to read list and the quilts as you will see are wonderful!  Have a wonderful weekend...I am continuing to quilt in the sweat shop in Prineville :)  and look forward to being with again on Monday!

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