Thursday, April 24, 2014

My New #1 & Don't Forget The Shop Hop!

I know I am on the UFO kick (you gotta check out the Flicker site) and it does feel soooo good to get some ol' projects done but you have got to  let your hair down once in a while.  Kind of like buying new shoes.  Sure you have several pairs of shoes.  Shoes for every season...but then you go  into Sundance Shoes in Sisters and you just have to have a new pair of shoes!  Same with quilting projects.

I received my latest issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.  It is the only magazine I subscribe too at this juncture.  The reason??? because I always find several projects I MUST make. and my list grows longer!

Oh yeah...this little quilt has moved to the top of my list! But then there were several projects in this issue that were ringing my bell!

So tell me....what is at the top of your list?  I only want to hear what is numero uno at this point in time...and maybe your #1 will become my #1...isn't that the way of addiction?!

Don't forget the Central Oregon Shop Hop begins today!!!

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  1. Right now, my #1 priority is getting my 6 pinwheel quilt tops finished and sent off to be quilted--no way am I tackling 6 96 x 108" quilts on my home machine! I'm hoping to cut the setting triangles and start sewing them after my tax appointment today... I need something to ease the pain of that!

  2. I can SEE why that wee quilt is at the top of your list!! DANG cute!! AND it's just not fair that you have all of these wonderful shops around where you live...NOPE not fair at all...(can you see my pout?)!!

  3. Oh, don't ask me, peace and quiet would be first thing, haha. I am so sore and it makes it hard to do things and safe strength for the baby, but he is down for a nap now and I will work on my specerian stitchery.


  4. This is the only magazine I subscribe to too ! #1 priority on my list is to finish sewing my Calendar Girls quilt together so that I can send it off to the quilter

  5. I just ordered my subscription to Primitive Quilts! I hope I will get this issue. I love the quilt you showed! My number one is still my red and black Hunter's Star!!

  6. I can't wait to get this. LOVE the cover quilt

  7. I want to make another 4 block applique quilt. I was out at a couple quilt shops this afternoon looking for just the right green for the vines and leaves. That's #1 don't ask about the other 99 - lol

  8. I love the flag with the wool hearts from this issue. As soon as I finish my bow tie quilt that is next on my list. I LOVE this magazine!