Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday sweet it is...

My oldest son needed a little sewing repair done on his work vest but I realized that I didn't have any black off to the nearest shop which was the Button Emporium.  I found out that the Gutermann's thread with the green top is recycled thread!!!  And, did you know that it takes 10 plastic bottles to make one spool of thread!!!  I am sharing this because after reading the news I think we have to recycle even more than we do.  I have been following the hunt for the missing Malaysian flight and was disturbed to hear that in the remote part of the Indian Ocean...where few flight and shipping paths exist there is so much floating garbage that it has been challenging to differentiate garbage from potential plane wreckage!

I am going to do my part in recycling and upcycling...have you heard that term "Upcycling?"  It is where you take an item that you no longer use and reinvent a new use for it rather than throw it away...thus a little flower frog becomes a beautiful holder for all my loose sewing tools that normally lay around my sewing table.

My favorite photo from the Portland digs for those of you who don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram.  

This week will be filled with sewing...I sew missed my sewing room!  That when I enter it I feel like a piggy who has found the best mud hole to roll around in!!!  Squeal!!!!
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