Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Material Girl

I am a Material Girl!  Yep, not only do I own material...I have been part of a group called the Material Girls.  This group of women mean so much to me...I learn quilting tips...but, more importantly I learn how to navigate life.  The challenges, joys, losses and most importantly living with grace.

Yesterday was an especially momentous gathering because I finished another UFO!!!  Snow Days!!!  Now that we are into Spring...of course I would finish Snow Days! LOL  

Linda's applique is proceeding beautifully!

Jean showed off a community quilt she completed...there is going to be a lucky recipient!

The Material Girls have evolved since the early 90's into a predominately handwork group.  Whether it be applique, hand quilting, binding, embroidery...anything by hand.  Handwork allows for a lot of feisty conversation.  And, I have noticed that as we have aged there is less of a filter to our opinions and conversations, LOL.   

Catherine is working on a Hawaiian Applique.  I made this pattern for a Hoffman Challenge back in the 90's and it remains popular.

Bev hand appliques this entire quilt from her stash!!! and is now in the hand quilting stage.  Definitely an heirloom.

Marilyn is the queen of the "big stitch"

My Monday "well" was certainly filled and next Monday is going to be even more exciting!!!  The Dresden Plate Challenge Quilts will be revealed.  We are going to have a Cinco de Mayo potluck!
Hope you are starting off on a great week!


  1. Definitely no flies on YOU!! LOVE your Snowy Days!! Yes, mine is still a UFO...:o(

  2. I also love your snow days, it is on my to do list. I love your different textured backgrounds you chose for your skies.

    The other gals works are lovely also. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The girls are working on some beautiful projects and I love how your snow days came out.


  4. Your Snow Days turned out wonderfully! What talented group of ladies your Material Girls are, beautiful quilts! As we get older it seems we are more apt to say what is on our mind, maybe because we want to get right to the point and not waste any time!

  5. So fun to see what the girls are working on &your SNOW DAYS is adorable ! Congrats on another great finish !

  6. OMG your comment about "less filtering" is so true. I see it with our group as we age. I remember my Mom saying the advantage to old age is you can say what you want because no one is going to hit an old lady. LOL

  7. Everyone's work looks great! I belong to a group also and we call ourselves the BSR's, no it does not mean the Bernina Stitch Regulators, but you're close...
    D.G. L

  8. I love to hand stitch... wish I could join your group!

    1. I wish you were here! Hey next time you blow through our next of the woods stop on by!!!

  9. Your Snow Days looks fabulous. Nice to be with a bunch of like minded women & no filters needed.

  10. Love Snowy Days! blessings, marlene