Friday, April 4, 2014

I Really Did!

I really did get 2 UFO's done in March!  I just can't show you the photos yet.  One is for a Dresden Plate Challenge that the Material Girls are having and the reveal is in May...and the other may be used for a publication.  So you are just going to have to trust me...:)  I started a great book yesterday...but I am going to make sure it keeps up with it's greatness before I tell you the title.

In the meantime here are some other things to share.  I was delighted to be hanging my Bertie's April quilt.  I am going to display them in front of the a fireplace screen unless we use it...:)

These two were made by Woolie's Nancy and Lori!  Nancy didn't care for the bunny ears and so gave her Bertie an Easter hat!  I love that they turned theirs into pillows.

Woolie Marilyn took a magnet and recreated it into a Woolie wall hanging...she even painted the embroidery hoop!  Isn't it adorable!

Woolie Nancy finished this stunning Wool Wallhanging!

I forgot to share with you the photo of Enzo in my Tiara.  I am not much of a tiara girl and it was sweet of Mary Lou Weidman to give each class member I saved it for thinks he isn't into Tiaras either????  What do you think?

I think he is still trying to figure out who he is and it definitely isn't an animal either...that look he gave me was total disgust!
Have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you back on Monday!


  1. Caught up on your postings...Enzo is SO patient with your antics! Aren't dogs great? What class are you thinking of taking at Asilomar next year? France 2015...hmmm...

  2. I want you to know I love reading your blog and I think your dog is adorable! Have a great day! Joyce

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate hearing when people are enjoying the rant, for enzo...he knows he is adorable, lol

  3. Congrats on meeting your goals for March, well done.

    I agree Enzo is a real trooper especially to model that tiara. Mary Lou is sweet to share one with everyone in her class.

    Now onto your April goals.

  4. It is always a good feeling to finish something and look forward to seeing your pieces. Love the birds pieces, the pillows are a great idea for those designs. And Enzo, poor guy looks humiliated with that tiara on, lol.


  5. Enzo and my Pepper should meet, they feel the same about many things, and their expressions say more than words could ever give credit too!