Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Efficiency Is My Middle Name...ROFLOL

...well I wish efficiency was my middle name but alas I am destined to be a "fly by the seat of my pants" kinda gal.  Life is never boring and there are many surprises along the way both tantrum producing and LOL moments.  

I have been on a quilting roll and I don't mean that I have been getting a ton of projects done...but, on the kind of quilting roll where I am enjoying each step I have been taking.  I think I am starting to understand that the process in part of the enjoyment not the number of projects you get done.  I have been taking steps to make sure that I have the things I need at my fingertips to make the process less arduous.  I purchased a bolt of good quality muslin and Pelon SF101.  With a coupon at JoAnn's I got both at 50% off and since I use both extensively it will be wonderful to have it readily available!  I also purchased extra rotary cutting blades for those just in case moments and an extra pack of each size of needles I use....ahhhh, this is what organization feels like!

I stopped by Sew Many Quilts to pick up my next Berties BOM and the shop was beautifully decked out from the Shop Hop and was stocked with new items in preparations for a summer of quilting activity!  Enjoy the slide show...know that you can stop it at any time to take a longer look and...if you see something you must have give them a call and let them know what slide it was on to order. 

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