Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Busy Bee....Buzzzzzzz

Today I am a busy bee...getting ready for the Fabric Stalkers Spring retreat.  What projects to bring??? UFO's...something new...handwork...machine projects????  what, what, what shall I bring???  I love the Spring retreat because it is usually away from here but not so far away that you are tired getting there and not so close that you feel compelled to let your day to day life get in the way.

Once I get packed I'll show you what I am taking and then we can see what I actually get done, lol.  

Last week in Portland I took 2 trips to Powell's with my youngest grandson.  That trip only allowed me to skim the quilt book isle which is huge.  On my second trip HH headed to the Pearl room and I took a stool to the Quilting isle and immersed myself in all that it had to offer.  Powell's is the largest independent bookstore in the Pacific Northwest and it carries new and used books.  I found this used book on Sashiko Quilting for $2.95!!!  it definitely is dated but the patterns are timeless.

...and it included 4 mylar design templates!  I love a good find!

Well, I noticed that the Woolie Blog is not far from 500,000 page views!!! and that the registered followers are only 3 shy from 650!!!  I decided which ever comes first...we will have a GIVEAWAY!!!  So stay tuned....


  1. How fun that must have been looking thru all of those books ! Great find !

  2. What a find! My neighbor just got back from a trip to Hawaii where she fell in love with Sashiko. She drew off a small pattern for me and I stitched it and made it into a mug rug for her to use in a demo she was doing in her guild meeting. I loved doing it - I can hand stitch anything small. It's the big things that I can't do any more. blessings, marlene

  3. Congratulations on both your great deal and the nearing of a milepost in blogging!

    Anna, can you share a post of some of your favourite sights and go to's in Portland please. I'm hoping to go down and explore some antique shops the next time I visit. Thanks!

  4. We don't have one of those here, but looks like you got a great book and a wonderful skill to learn for quilting.


  5. Yea! I'm lucky number 650! I have followed you for quite awhile just didn't realized I hadn't sign up. I really enjoy your blog. Good find on the book! Hugs