Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend News...

The first Friday of each month the city of Bend has an Art Walk downtown.  Many of the businesses stay open, serve wine and snacks while showcasing local art.  HH and I decided to head on over so we could meet a friend who's photos were being featured.  

On the way to Bend I captured a photo of the running horses sculpture just south of Sisters.  

It was a beautiful day!  I don't know about you but I was soooo ready for some beautiful weather!

It was amazing because when we arrived at the business that was displaying Joel's art photography there was a hooked rug of the Sisters!  Beautiful!

Joel's photography is amazing...even in this shot with my phone you can see the ripples in the sand!

Oh...and his wife is one of the Fabric Stalkers and brought her wool stitching to work on while hanging with him for the evening!  She is on her final block!!!

I am spending the day packing and getting ready to head down to Pacific Grove and attend the Empty Spools seminar at Asilomar.  Robin and I are taking a workshop with Mary Lou Weidman!!!  Will be sure to have some wonderful slide shows of our trip and workshop when we return...but in the meantime I will fill these blog pages with all the adventures that has occurred around here, lol.


  1. You stay SO busy, I can hardly keep up with your blog postings! (Ha! Ha!) Say Anna, my friend and I are going to be at Asilomar for the !Vth session and will also be driving. We plan to spend a night between Eugene and Pacific Grove...any suggestions?

  2. Pacific Grove is beautiful ! Enjoy your class !

  3. Have a wonderful time with Mary Lou, please say hi and give her a hug for me. Her dear husband is having some great challenges right now and I wish I could deliver one in person.


  4. Those horses are amazing, what a wonderful art form.
    Love seeing the mountains and the sun, we got some today.


  5. Have fun with Mary Lou. Tell her Bonnie Barber says "Hi, wish I was there!" I too love the running horses metal sculpture. Good photo!