Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stitch Prodigy!!!

Slowly but surely I am becoming a stitchery prodigy!  I guess Malcom Gladwell is correct, it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a prodigy! I am slowly increasing my stitch repertoire by replacing the standard whip or blanket stitch with some of the fancier stuff.  And...let's hear the drum roll please...I have finished the May Bertie block (#2).  If you click on the photo you can see some of the stitches I have included!  I am loving this BOM...especially because I am keeping up with it, lol.  

isn't she cute!

This week was the final needle case class...and I took a shot of the teacher's (Tamra) perfect!

I finished my UFO, WIP or PIG for me but DONE!!!




Although my bee looks like she had liposuction/nip&tuck I am still proud that she looks like a bee...maybe I'll name her Joan Rivers?!


  1. Your needlebook is adorable and your work is lovely. I think calling your bee Joan Rivers is a little harsh. (smile) It certainly looks like a bee and is very 'distinctive'. Love it!!!!

  2. Too cute! I never worked with wool, but I feel like when I see this!

    1. come on...join the crazy woolies! lol it is so easy and very forgiving.

  3. Your wool projects are wonderful. You have done well.

  4. Anna, I love the bullion knots on the pink flower and the birds hat! Well done. Your needle case is also lovely I'm sure you will get lots of use of it. Don't forget to add your initials and year you made it.

    Tomorrow I'm heading down to La Conner Washington with friends to see Sue Spargo's exhibit at the Quilt Museum. Your stitching is getting me I the mood.

  5. Wonderful stitching and I have done bees that don't look like bees, so you are ahead of me;) Love the new block, those are really fun pieces to do.


  6. Really, really cute Bertie there! That Bullion stitch is NOT easy but you've certainly got it down. The needle case is pretty...

  7. Just wonderful! I always tell my students practice, practice, practice. L

  8. Now, that looks like fun Miss Bertie is adorable and your stitching is great.

  9. Beautiful and fun - love Ms. Bertie - I might have to do a few of those for the seasons - they are so cute.
    Hugs - Karen