Monday, March 3, 2014

Pat's Place

Have you ever met someone who you feel so comfortable with. And, as you talk you realize that they love exactly the things you love...just maybe by a ripple in the universe you have met a sister from another family???  Well, that is how I felt within moments of meeting Pat.  She is living in my dream house...a log cabin!  And, she loves to go antiquing for that perfect find!  I swear some of the items in her home were things I used to have in our farm house in California some 35+ years ago!!!  She loves all things historic...from little kids shoes from the 30's to old irons!  She collects buttons...and, do I mean collects!  Old irons, coffee grinders, chocolate molds, baskets...and everything is displayed in wonderful little vignettes!

Her quilting likes are totally in line with the Woolie...and, she doesn't like Batiks either!!!!  I have divided the slide show over 2 days because I didn't want any numb rear ends out there, lol.  Today...the home.  Tomorrow...the sewing space!

Get a cuppa coffee and join Pat in her home!

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