Thursday, March 27, 2014

Empty Spools Seminar, the next chapter...

It is not without some melancholy that I visit Monterey Bay.  Reminiscing about my parents and their adventures sailing these waters.  For those who are more recent to the blog, mom had a heart attack at 81 yrs old while in a sailboat race on this very bay...and, although I didn't intend for my Story Quilt to be about my family on the bay, that is exactly what evolved!

HH was living and stomping around Asilomar when we met...but they didn't have these wonderful boardwalks!

There were many Quilt Celebrities but these 2...well...looks like trouble, lol
Del Thomas and Freddie Moran 

Mary Lou was a trooper...keeping us laughing and creating.

First let me apologize for the quality of some of the photos...they were photos of slide show pictures....far away and it was hard to hold the camera still :) with all the ooohhhing and ahhhhing.  I also want to make it clear...Hoochy blocks are not paper pieced!  It requires you to sew outside your box and although they didn't provide it...I think a little tequila might help! lol  
Enjoy the slide show!

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  1. I think a memory quilt with a sailboat for your mom is a wonderful idea. I have some ideas of time spent with my dad that i would love to make into a quilt.


  2. Nothing like adding a few "nips" vs "Tucks"...thanks for the co-workers are wondering why I laughed so loud. LOL

  3. Loved so many of them.....loved the Nurse sayings!! I am sure your trip was bittersweet.....but oh, to be still doing something you loved so much even into your 80's! What a blessing!

  4. Can't wait to see how your quilt comes out! You're going to love it for sure. Can't imagine why anyone would think those wonky blocks were paper pieced, though I did find a paper pieced uneven star in a box of "stuff" that I hauled out of the garage!

  5. I agree that there is so much going on in many of Mary Lou's quilts you need multiple pictures to recall all the ideas and inspiration.

    Looking forward to your next group of photos.

  6. This is something different for you! Interesting....a step into the wild side?

  7. Gad, I knew I looked wiped out but I looked worse than I thought...but I am glad you got some happy photos of people and pretty quilts! OLove it Anna!

  8. Loved your quilt. It looks very unique with animals!

  9. Monterey Bay aaaahhh drool. Beautiful quilts. Would love to learn the hoochy method. Would / could it be available on craftsyi? Thanks so much for keeping the inspirations roaring :-)) Have a great week-end.

  10. You just have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much fun! Ok...I'm still laughing so hard about the vest that looked more like saggy boobs so you added nipples!!!!! ROFLOL!!!! So fun! :)