Monday, March 31, 2014

Empty Spools the Final Chaper...

Well...we are finally at the end of Empty Spool photos.  My class was filled with a great bunch of woman from all over the United States.  Mary Lou expanded my view of quilting.  I enjoyed it so much that I hope to head back next year!

This seminar push the edges of what I understood quilting to be.  First was the idea of piecing a border when you had no idea what the body of the quilt would be.  Now that was really a different approach.  Then...there was the hoochy blocks...what??? the points don't have to match???  wild color combination and the larger than life stories.  What an amazing class!  If you want to take a step on the wild side I encourage you to take one of Mary Lou's classes.

This is the last of the Empty Spools slide shows but I still have wonderful slide shows of the homes of a couple of local Monterey County quilters! So stay tuned!

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  1. Lots of fun quilts and yours is coming along beautifully, love the borders you used. Maybe not hoochy, but nice effect and fabrics to go with a sailing theme.


  2. Looked like a great bunch of gals to spend time with. All the quilts are very colorful. Its nice to sew "outside" the box sometimes too. I LoVe doing the Buggy Barn stack n whack patterns for that very reason. lol!
    Have a super day.
    Hugs Marg

  3. Another lovely set of photos Anna, do you have a drawing that you are working from that you will share with us.

    Love the seagull and Robin photo story especially when
    Robin was laughing.

    Have fun with the process.

  4. My head kind of hurts when I try a hoochy block! Very out of my neatly structured box, but it love the look. It's like writing with my off hand! Loved seeing your Asilomar experience. Thanks for taking all those photos and sharing.

  5. Wow - all those quilts were fantastic! Loved the button "steam" on the coffee/teapots! I am sure it is hard to "let go" and be rather unstructured on command!!!! LOVE Nurses Call the Shots - cant wait to see a finished picture! That photo of Cannery Row was awesome! Seagulls - hate the suckers!!!!!!! flying rats

  6. It looks like everyone had a great time!